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[CLOSED] Your Input is Needed on 10 Avenue S : Deadline September 29

The City of Calgary often requests feedback from Bike Calgary on planned and completed cycling facilities.  We have created a survey to collect information from people like you to help prepare our recommendations.  These survey questions are based on the Bicycle Policy and Needs Report (City of Calgary, 2008) and the Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads (Transportation Association of Canada, 1999).

The Area Under Review will change regularly and a map will always be provided to highlight the area in which we are interested.  It is not necessary for you to have ridden the entire Area Under Review.  The feedback that you can provide on the parts of the route that you're famililar with is still valuable.  

For instance, if you only ride 10 Avenue S bike lane in the westbound direction between 2 Street and 11 Street SW, add this detail in your comments.  We can use this information for subsequent research projects or surveys.  

10 Ave SW looking west from 5 StreetCurrent Area Under Review:
10 Avenue S

To provide the best feedback: 

Step 1: Look at the AREA UNDER REVIEW map then go for a ride, perhaps to the local shops, to visit a friend, or even to work. 

Step 2: While riding, think about whether you can get where you want to go by bicycle, even if you are just riding around the neighbourhood.

Step 3: Answer each question and rate how well each need was met.  You can also note any problems you encountered by checking the appropriate box(es).  

Each section has lots of space for comments and specific suggestions for improvement - we want your ideas, too. With detailed feedback about your cycling experience, we can help the City of Calgary provide better cycling infrastructure.



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Survey glitch

I went through the survey (Safari on iOS 5 ) and got hung up on the last page.  It said there were required fields that were uncompleted.  I made sure everything was completed, including the optional fields, and reentered/reselected all fields.  After multiple tries with the same error I gave up. 

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No glitch on Safari?

Hi DD, thanks for the notice.  I just redid survey both on my Mac and on my iPhone (iOS 6) without any problems.  To confirm, there are 5 required fields (days, type of rider, postal code, age and sex).  Will you be updating software from iOS 5?  -c