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200KM Ride Advice: Ride to Conquer Cancer

Hi everyone! 


I've registered for the Ride to Conquer Cancer coming up in August and I'm wondering if anyone has done it before, if you have any tips or advice for me. I haven't been training as much as I'd like to. I bike to work every day (7kms) and I've done a 65km ride, which is my longest so far. I recently started using clip in petal and cleats, but I'm concerned that maybe it's not a good idea to use them for the ride since there will be lots of bike traffic. 

Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated!

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I've done it 5 times

Don't worry about traffic for clip ins, it will be busy at the start but after the first 20km thins out a lot.  Everyone goes at a fairly moderate pace when it is busy so just settle in to a spot and ride.  The first 30 mintues of day 2 can suck fore soreness, but once you get back into it you won't feel to bad.

If you don't need to, skip the first rest stop.  I usually went for a quick bathroom break and then back at it.  The first stop is usally chaos. Take a few minutes to stretch the legs and calves out at the second stop.

Try to get out for a 100km training ride if you can.  Make sure your bike is tip top!  I can't beleive how many people had loose seats, peddals, under inflated tires, gears skipping all over...

Drink plenty of water/gatorade which is provided.  They have laods of snacks as well.

Don't forget to have fun, and remember why you are doing it!  :)

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Take your time

The beginning is chaos and you won't get anywhere fast. Just remember to try and experience the moment and have fun for yourself. Take plenty of breaks and drink lots, especially if it's hot. I did it in June a few years back and it was lovely the first day, then rainy and REALLY windy on day two. Be prepared for any type of weather and pack appropriately.

Also, you butt will be in AGONY at the beginning of day 2. Take a tylenol and try to get through the first hour. Most importantly, know your limits - don't try and push too hard or past an injury. There's no shame in catching a ride to the next restpoint or to the end. After all, the point of this is to raise money for cancer research, not to hurt yourself or end up hating cycling! 

Have fun at the parties at the end of the days! You'll meet some really cool people!