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5th Ave NW, Share the Road

Driving eastbound on 5th Ave NW today I counted 6 'Share the Road' signs between Crowchild and 14th St. This is the section that has sharrows painted on the road. The stretch of road is 900m long, so that is one sign every 150m. If a car is traveling at 50 km/hr, or 14 m/s, the driver of said car will see a 'Share the Road' sign about every 11 seconds. That is about 6 'Share the Road' signs per minute.

With all that sharing going on they should rename that stretch of road Sesame Street.


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was the bike lane clear or were there parked cars in it? I rode the westbound there a few weeks ago in the evening and really appreciated the bike lane altho' there were a few cars parked in it, traffic was light so I could go around them easily enough.

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I take 5th Ave from 10 St to

I take 5th Ave from 10 St to 19th St on my regular commute. The lanes are usually clear. There are a couple of spots that have snow banks and/or ice. There are a couple of sections that I think have 'No Parking' for the daytime hours, but parking is allowed in the evenings (I guess no one is supposed to ride after 6pm). I have meant to stop to check the signs but I always forget until I am past them. So that might be what you saw.

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this is good to know, on

this is good to know, on some days when we have the melt and refreeze, the roads are actually in better shape than the pathway, 5th would be an option for me in those conditions.


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kinda like 10th.

Reminds me of 10th Ave South.

Marked bike lane, 80% of the time has cars parked along it.

And it seems the other 20%, when ive ridden it ive had cars honking at me, for taking up the 'extra' lane.

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yea 10th ave definitely is.

yea 10th ave definitely is. Unlike 26th.

Just has "(Bike)>>>" painted on road.
But still not very public accepted when 'shared' by cyclists.