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New Comprehensive Bikeway Plan Announced

The City has announced an ambitious new bikeway plan. Included in the plan -

- $5 million per year for the next 10 years
- 50km's of onstreet bike infrastructure improvements per year
- Stephen Avenue/8th Ave will become bike/ped only - no cars!
- multiple crosstown bikeways connecting all 4 quadrants, the airport, SAIT/MRC/UofC with connections planned to Okotoks, Cochrane, Airdrie
- HOV lanes on MacLeod Trail from downtown to 22x with separate space for bikes

For more info, check here -


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Sounds great

I'll be able get over to Starbucks to drink my Plenta even quicker!

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Along with that...

I heard that major mountain bike manufacturers have decided uninamimously to drop the 26" diameter wheel platform in favor of 29-ers'. Their press release suggested that anyone with a 26" wheeled bike stock up on tires and tubes now because they won't be made beyond the end of the year. Crazy. ;)

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another example of why I dislike April fools jokes...

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vote for me

When I saw Critninja's post I thought for sure he had just copied and pasted Ric McIver's election platform for sustainable transportation. The only missing part was McIver's support for a new Tour de Nuit of Unlit Bikes ride, to be held daily.

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Bicycles aren't obstructing traffic, they're part of traffic