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Douglas Glen to d/t

In the winter months I use this route most of the time,

I leave at 5AM so traffic is never an issue. The pathway along Riverbend/Quarry Park and the Southland dog park are clear. Same for the path north of the dog park connecting to the 11th Street bike route. The bike route (11th) itself has some gravel but its in better shape then December.

I will add a report on the ride home tomorrow.


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D/T to Douglas Glen

Updated January 20
Good ride home yesterday, as mentioned in the shovelling bee thread the pathway from 9th Ave SE to Glenmore trail has been added to the plow schedule. I damn near fell off my bike when I saw that it was already plowed. 9th Ave to Ogden Rd. is in fantastic shape, some hard pack and lots for bare pavement. From Ogden Rd. (Bonnybrook bridge) to Glenmore is is a combination of smooth hard pack, some exposed pavement and a little bit of loose crud. This section is tuff to plow with lots of sharp corners and little rises and dips over drainage ditches. Overall its a great improvement and I was smiling all the way home.

59 days until Spring.

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Southbound - Ogden Rd to Glenmore

Ogden to the climb up Lynnwood Ridge was really good, only a couple of loose spots. The climb is a disaster, as pointed out, it was salted and had some gravel spread on it. After pushing up the hill the ride along the ridge was OK, just a little rough. From Glenmore south was smooth sailing.

The only gravel on the path was the Lynnwood hill.

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Thanks for the update and route suggestions. I'll have to try the 11 Street SE route come springtime.

Today was my first commute of 2011. Like Fastlayne mentioned, other than the section along Sanctuary Road SE, the path between Ogden Road SE and 9 Avenue SE is in good shape. Another plus is that 8 Avenue SE through Inglewood is now clear enough to ride - at least until the weekend.

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Pathway update - Bow River pathway along CPR yard

Thanks to the organizing efforts of Oggie this section of the path has been cleared, some of it down to the pavement.

Special thanks to Oggie's buddy with the snowblower, we still would be there shoveling some of those drifts.

Also special thanks to Alderman Gian-Carlo Carra, he was there shovelling just as hard as the rest of us.

My upperbody is telling me that shovelling is a good workout.


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A big thanks to fastlayne, Marcus, Matt, and Alderman Gian-Carlo for giving up their Sunday morning to help clear the pathway south of the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. Despite the cold and windchill we were able to clear the path in a couple of hours, in many sections down to the asphalt.

Matt brought his snow blower, which was put to good use clearing 3+ foot drifts that had formed along the retaining wall. Without the snow blower we wouldn't have otherwise been able to clear these drifts by hand; they were so big I half-expected to find an abandoned bicycle and/or cyclist in one of them.

Some photos from yesterday.

Alderman Carra shovelling.

Matt and fastlayne clearing some of the monster drifts.

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That's awesome guys! Your dedication is inspiring. Did any media take notice so that others can appreciate your effort as well?

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Unfortunately no media response so far; but with the alderman coming out to help that may change.

Alderman Carra did post about the shovelling b on his twitter account.

I think that's me in the photo.

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well done folks, had

well done folks, had considered joining you but was volunteering at Feed the Hungry and was a bit tight on time I'll show up!

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I'll write a post about your

I'll write a post about your (all of you that helped) efforts to keep this link open. I will also forward the story to the city and my media contacts.

Great DIY attitude and well done to all of you!

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WOW! That's "frontier!"

I've ridden that section of pathway in the summer, but like I said, that's "frontier!" I never thought of how it could drift in like that - pretty nasty. I guess I'm spoiled, as I am one of the lucky ones who lives in the NW and we seem to get the royal treatment when it comes to path clearing.

Good job on taking the initiative.

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Alderman Carra made an interesting observation about us clearing the path that really struck a chord with me. Our time and energy would be better spent clearing an older neighbours sidewalk or helping the homeless instead of shovelling a path because the City is too cheap. Whenever the City does finally start clearing the path I know I'll re-focus my volunteerism on a more worthy cause.

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I know I said I'd show up but I was at home with sick kid. Sorry, many hands make light work and all so I wished I could have been there.

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If you plow it

They will ride. On the commute in this morning I counted at least six bike tracks in the fresh snow on the path south of the bird sanctuary, and that was at 6:30. There were zero on Sunday.

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Surreal Ride

Riding south from the bird sanctuary yesterday, it felt like I was in a parallel universe; everything looked the same but something was different. Like fastlayne, I did a double-take when I saw that Parks had already plowed the path, thinking that it would not be until the next snowfall that is would be cleared. It is going to take a few days for me to adjust from riding single-track to riding on bare asphalt, not that I'm complaining.

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Beaverdam Flats

Path through the park is now almost totally void of snow, with only one or two patches remaining. I was able to make it up the hill to Lynnwood with no problem. Not sure if the Parks department had again plowed the path or if the Chinook took care of the snow. Too bad it is back to square one for tomorrow.

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SE to d/t - Bow River pathway

I took the scenic route to work this morning to see what the morning conditions are like. I usually leave home at 5AM and ride roads, today I slept in and left in the light at 6:30. There was only 3 small sections of scary ice with the worst being the downhill from Lynnwood Ridge going northbound. I had to dismount for this one, the other 2 weren't so bad and could be bypassed on the grass.

By next week the path should be dry. Fingers crossed.