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Alberta Bicycle Facility Design Guide

Alberta Transportation, along with municipal partners, has begun laying the groundwork for the development of a Bicycle Facility Design Guide for Alberta (“the Guide”). It is our understanding that the Guide will cover detailed aspects of bicycle facility design so as to provide a level of commonality in the implementation of bicycle infrastructure across Alberta and to promote best practices in bicycle facility design and construction.

(Note: The Alberta Bicycle Design Guide was discussed in the Alberta Legislature on April 21st, 2016 with the video accessible at

Bike Calgary believes that the Alberta Bicycle Facility Design Guide should be built upon a core value of enabling cycling through designs, and supporting policies, that make cycling safe, easy and accessible to all Albertans and recognize that there will be demand to utilize cycling infrastructure 365 days-a-year, 24 hours-a-day. In achieving this goal, we hope to see the Guide deliver clear direction on the types of infrastructure that best meets user needs and expectations for a given travel corridor for both on-street and off-street infrastructure and in both the urban and rural setting.

Bike Calgary has approached the Steering Committee with a request to provide input from the ‘end-user perspective’ on behalf of Alberta bicycle groups including;

Alberta Bicycle Association
Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society
Red Deer Association for Bicycle Commuting
Canmore Community Cruisers
BikeBridge Cycling Association
Alberta Bike Swap

A copy of Bike Calgary’s letter to the Alberta Bicycle Facility Design Steering Committee is appended. If you have any questions, please contact connect”at”

If you wish to provide your own comments as to positions, concerns, etc. you feel Bike Calgary should represent, please comment on this forum.


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Thanks for doing this.

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Discussed in the Legislature

The topic of the Alberta Bicycle Design Guide was discussed publically in the Alberta Legislature on April 21st, 2016.  The link has been added to the post.

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"Do I really need to be heckled about bicycles, mister speaker?"  - What was that about? 

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Not Sure

It's hard to make out anything in the background so who knows what was being said and by whom.  

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Huge News!

Hats off to all of the dedicated and passionate cycling advocates who've been pushing for this for so many years.

Hoping that this leads to better cycling infrastructure and networked routes all over Alberta in the future.


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AB Bicycle Facility Design Guide Update

Some of you may have seen the recent Herald article Rolling stop on the table as Alberta-wide bike review launches.

Possible changes to provincial legislation and regulation as it pertains to bicycles on provincial roadways is only one component of the project to develop an Alberta Bicycle Facility Design Guide, with the suggestion to investigate the feasibility of a rolling stop being a small facet of that portion of the project.

Kick-off meetings have started for the Guide, with the project team reaching out to stakeholders around the province, including cycling advocates to explain the objectives of the Guide and what will be contained therein. The Guide will be broken down into a number of parts, providing information on design parameters for cyclists, types of cycling facilities and the context that applicable to each facility. From this, it will then provide detailed information on how to design and implement the various types of on-street and off-street facilities, including intersection treatments, drawing on North American and global best practices, to promote consistency of infrastructure throughout the province. Both the urban and rural context will be covered. Details on ongoing maintenance will also be provided.

Changes to provincial traffic legislation and regulation will be investigated, based on the content of the Guide and to ensure that the designs for various types of cycling infrastructure can be implemented.

Much of the planned content of the Guide fits well with the suggestions made by Bike Calgary in the linked letter at the start of this forum.