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Fat Bike

Well I suppose that it was inevitable but I have added a Fat Bike to the collection!  An RSD Mayor.  After a long ride home on Tuesday I made up my mind while following a set of Fat Tracks through the park, it looked like he was having fun!  Anyway I had been thinking about this for some time and I suppose that Tuesdays snow was my tipping point/excuse.  After a couple of days on the bike doing my regular commute I have 2 comments, first its amazing and second it a lot of work!  So a double bonus I suppose a safe fun ride that mows through everything and the extra exercise that I seem to need!  


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To Stud or not to Stud

Well here we are perhaps half way through the winter and form a cyclist point of view its been a tough one. City streets are as bad as I have seen them in 22 years of commuting and no amount of salt that the city throws seems to help. So I decided to do what many others have already done and throw some studded tires on the mountain bike. There are so many winter improvements available today that 20 years ago we could only wish for. Things like toe covers, instead of cut off socks!