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Breaking News - Cyclists ride in the winter! And, there are more cyclists every year!

We know it’s just getting around to summer, but we’ve recently looked at some cycling data from the last few years, and we’ve found that more cyclists ride in the winter than we thought. Here’s are some conclusions from our review of the data. Let us know your thoughts on this information.


  • Less cyclists ride in the winter (as you might expect) but the number never goes to zero, even on our coldest days.
  • Daily rider counts from 2016 were generally higher than from previous years.
  • The trend line for each year’s data shows an increase from 2014 through to 2016.


The cyclist count came from the City of Calgary’s data from the bike counters they have recently installed (the Peace Bridge has the longest data set, so that’s the one we started with). The weather data came from the Environment Canada weather station at the Calgary International Airport, obtained through their publicly available weather database. We’ll keep looking at cyclist information as it becomes available, and as our volunteer group has time!



We’d love to hear your comments on our conclusions, and if you have any suggestions for future examinations of Calgary cycling data.


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Winter stability

Looking at the graph I noted the relative stability of numbers between -5 and -15'ish, yet for every subsequent 10-degree rise the number of riders almost exponentially increased.  Additionally, the clear "cut-off" for most riders seems about -15C. I don't understand the tapering off above +20C?? 

Of course this is just the Peace Bridge and not the south side.  It would be great if they had a counter as well... is there consideration for installing one across from the old Science Center or by the 10th St bridge?