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How was your ride today? Week of Sept. 6th.

I probably should have started this off yesterday, but oh well. So, how was your ride? Any snow?


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well it was cool but very

well it was cool but very sunnny and quite pleasant, I am REALLY hoping to get back to bare arms and legs soon, wore those mid calf length pants and a jacket over my was dry so that's a good thing. There has been construction in front of my building for almost 2 months now and I have had to re-route to get to the lock up room. For awhile I was going almost 4 extra blocks (oh poor me) but those 4 blocks were in the ugly downtown traffic!! Today I used a very nice little short cut which involved walking my bike across a train platform. hooray!! It is a much better solution. Here's hoping for a soon to be finished construction project. Have a great week everyone!

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A great ride in this morning, nice weather and a new set of cyclocross tires for my bike. The cyclocross season begins tonight!

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Semi-Flat front tire

After replacing my rear brake pads & battling with a stupid set screw on my back brake late last week, I was eager to hit the road this morning, but, flat front tire! I pumped it up and rode in just the same. I'll probably replace the tube after work before I ride home. In the last week, some of my fellow employees quit, my frij' quit, and I found a mouse in my pantry, so why wouldn't my bike cause me more problems? Mal Suerte!
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so is the mouse still alive

so is the mouse still alive and running around in your pantry? I've actually learned to catch mice live and release them outdoors....crazy maybe but I just can't kill Mickey!!

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Dead Mouse

My cat delivered him to my feet when I came home last night.

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Survey says

According to a highly non-scientific poll I have conducted all summer long (which consisted mostly of over-hearing people bitterly complaining that summer never came), summer never came in the first place.

Although I think it might have popped in for a quick visit on a Wednesday afternoon two weeks ago.

Time to get your winter gear ready, I noticed on the weekend that the mountains are covered in snow already.

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Was it April?

I seem to recall summer happening sometime around the end of April and extending into May for awhile. From that point on "Spring" and rain has been the norm and continues to be. Soon the leaves will fall and we'll call it Fall.

The ONLY possible reprieve (and I haven't looked to see if this is forecast) would be an Indian Summer but I'm not holding my breath.

Yup, time for winter gear. At least it won't be as wet unless we go atypical and get lots of snow which then melts.

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Winter in the mountains

I tried to ride the Elbow loop (mtn biking trail in K-country SW of Bragg Creek) on Sunday, and couldn't complete because of the 9 inches (yes, NINE) of snow encountered on the way to Tombstone Pass...goodness knows how much at the top of the pass. It was full-on winter there, with the parking lot accumulating snow too.

It's a comin'! (but not before some great autumn weather first...right?)

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I too remain optimistic, just

I too remain optimistic, just had on a nylon jacket over my singlet this morning. Compared to yesterday, wetter and overcast but warmer, that's one outta' three....but who's keeping score. Homeward bound may be interesting.

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At an early morning stop

At an early morning stop between parking my bike and going to work to grab some breakfast, I made sure to grab one of the free newspapers (metro I think), and stuffed it into my shoes and socks. They are mostly dry now, so I will at least get to start my ride home in dry clothes, until I ride out of the parking garage anyway :)

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Arkel panniers are working

I purchased a set of waterproof panniers from Arkel last spring because I was tired of my old Axiom bags which felt like they attracted rain more than protecting my stuff from it.
Didn't think I would get so much use out of the Arkels but they certainly are working great - nothing inside them has gotten wet this year!
Wish they made a bubble that could fit over the bike ;-)
Ah, like the "guy who rides everywhere" on Family Guy says, "a little rain never hurt anyone and it's a great way to stay in shape!"

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Today's spin

Time for the lights! It was a bit darker than usual this morning. Most drivers were pretty good at giving me space though I get the impression the person behind me in the SUV on 53rd St NW wasn't thrilled to be second-in-line, even though I was doing about 45kph in a 50kph zone. Once in downtown it was smooth sailing until the 4th St. SW / 5th Ave SW intersection when a NB driver turning EB onto 5th Ave. failed to pay enough attention and almost pulled out in front of me. I could see it coming and had enough lane to pull over and get by safely though I did give the driver an eye-pointing gesture to say "pay attention".

Otherwise, I read an interesting quote on this morning. It is from David Dunne of the British Columbia Automobile Association Traffic Safety Foundation and it was in an article pertaining to new speed bumps...

"People tune out. It takes an attitude shift for people to change," Dunne said. "Pedestrians need an attitude shift too. They have to realize that just because they are in a crosswalk doesn't mean they are safe. In fact, most get hit while using crosswalks."

Seems to me he's saying that even designated pedestrian infrastructure on streets aren't safe and that we should should all accept that risk.

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"the pavement painting appears to rise up as the driver gets closer to it, reaching full 3-D realism at around 100 feet... "

CRASH!! then Sue

Maybe they should paint an elephant on the street

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How long is it until someone

How long is it until someone runs over a child and says in their defense that they thought it was just a speed bump?

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Back in the saddle

After being laid -off in early July I am back at a new job and my commute is one block difference so its all back to the same except the weather but who cares! It's nice to be up early and biking to work had to charge the light for this morning but might as well get use to that fact of life. Used a key part of my winter olympic gear this morning the big blue chemical rubber gloves!

See you all on the pathways and of course at the film festival and the AGM.

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Dry feet today

I'm happy because I remembered that I have water resistant cycling shoe covers. What a difference to yesterday, I arrived at work with feet as dry as the rest of me (which means only very slightly damp). Much better than yesterday when I was wringing out my socks before stuffing them with newspaper and setting them in front of my fan to dry off.

I'm sad because I had some idiot honking the horn and yelling at me today for taking a lane eastbound through the intersection of Bowness Rd and Home Road. I think this is a combination of me being on my slow bad weather bike (thus going more slowly), and the miserable weather in general, as I have not had anyone complaining to me in this area for the past 6 months. I guess I'll have to toughen up for the worse weather to come.

It's annoying though because he was held up all of 2 seconds. It left me pondering my feeling that we need a major ongoing public education campaign about bikes on the road in Calgary (aimed at cyclists and drivers). I've mentioned this in both of the survey's the city has put out. I'd rather see this than any number of sharrows, or bike lanes. I'm talking about on going tv ads about sharing the road, and riding within the law.

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Dry Butt Today

Yesterday I forgot to put my rear fender on. But not today, wet buttcrack is such an unpleasant feeling!

On a more important note, I agree fully with you on the public education issue. I noted that in the online survey that's current.

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me too!! always have tho't

me too!! always have tho't that the general public needs a paradigm shift to seeing bikes as a normal way of transportation. I agree, media ads to raise awareness, "bikes will be out and about so get used to it" sort of thing and cyclists, "you're required to obey traffic laws just like motorists" is eaqually required.

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Beautiful morning, great riding into the morning sun as I headed east, forecast is for afternoon showers (blah). Both birds were perched on the platform at the Osprey nest, they are a magnificent sight. Was pretty much in la la land for most of my ride, just peaceful and pleasant.....then once into the core it all changed! Some VIP cyclist blew past me when I was stopped at one of those red signs with the letters STOP on it....jerked me out of my dream world.

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yikes, I read this at 11:30

yikes, I read this at 11:30 and there were only 3 comments, didn't take long for all the windbags to get up in arms....ok, there were some decent comments, just goes to show (again) that the popular opinion about cycling as a form of transportations needs an attitude adjustment.

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everyone is entitled to

an opinion even if it is wrong! :).

But you know, I tended to agree with a lot of what was said. YES, I do take advantage of cycling and go places where I couldn't go in my car. And sometimes I'm on pathways and sometimes on roadways and when there is no safe alternative, even on a sidewalk or grass right of way. Give me decent alternatives and I'll use them but until then I'll take advantage of what I can.

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It's almost painful reading the anti-cycling comments. They are always the same, i.e. either cyclists never follow the rules or cyclists don't belong on the roads.

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One person converted at a time I guess.

I started commuting in June and since then I've had a huge attitude adjustment. I used to be one of those guys behind the wheel that was angry at every cyclist that held me up. Now I'm riding my bike ... and occasionally breaking the rules. Whatever it takes to be safe. It's only when you get on a bike that you learn how fun commuting can be. I now look forward to my trip to work and back.

Be safe guys.

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Follow the rules...when we can.

I think that if we, or at least a larger number of us, follow the road rules to the best of our abilities, i.e. stopping at stop lights, not hopping onto the sidewalk and riding as if we were a pedestrian, not blowing stop signs, etc., then we will get more respect from drivers. I'm not saying every driver will warm up to cyclists but it may help address a lot of the complaints. Of course there always will be those cases where we can't follow the rules because they just aren't set out for us. Case in point...

A few weeks back there was a letter in the Calgary Herald where someone complained about cyclists blowing across 53rd St. NW. from the pathway as opposed to crossing in the pedestrian cross-walk (I'm assuming they meant as a pedestrian). The problem is, cyclists are not trying to be pedestrians here. We are trying to merge, as a vehicle, from the pathway onto the on-street bikeway where we carry on as a vehicle. Unfortunately the infrastructure does not recognize this and we get tarred as "breaking the rules" or being "incosiderate". There are many other examples of such infrastructure deficiencies that give drivers the same bad impression of us when in reality, we are forced to make our own rules. Hopefully this will be addressed by the City as part of the Cycling Strategy Review.

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Sharrow or Lane?

Well I'm confused.

The story says 'A new dedicated bike lane', but the picture is of a sharrow? If there is a dedicated bike lane, why would you have to worry about being pushed into the barricade? I heard D. Hollingshead on the radio and it sounded like it was a sharrow on the bridge. I don't frequent that side of town, anyone know which it is? Sloppy reporting?

If there is enough room for a car and bike to safely travel side by side, 'sharing' becomes irrelevant. You only need to 'share' when there is not enough to go around .. so a lane can't be too narrow to share.

The comments from the truck driver are interesting. If I am biking in a lane that is too narrow for both a car and a bike and there is a car or truck behind me, what am I supposed to do? Fly up into the air? Sacrifice myself to the side of the road so the truck can go by?

There is one of those little polls beside the story. 60% say it is not possible to safely share the road.

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No lane

I rode across this bridge on Saturday. There is no separate bike lane on the bridge. There has always been a tiny 'shoulder' marked on the sides (~18" wide, only purpose is to provide spatial perspective for cars) and a separated sidewalk on the north side of bridge that is almost too narrow for two pedestrians to pass each other easily. When they recently repainted the sharrow and bike lane markings on either side of the bridge on 8 Ave. NE, they continued across the bridge itself with the spray can (the bridge was not marked last summer when they first painted the sharrow and bike lane markings on 8 Ave NE). The markings are in the middle of the narrow driving lane on the bridge and to make it more interesting they are currently doing rehab work on the bridge deck so it is one lane alternating.

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posted in its own forum topic

man you guys are quick! I posted this story as its own forum topic then discovered RichieRich already had posted it here. If you want to comment on the story please go to the other forum topic. It will make it easier in the future for readers to find this type of story if gets placed in a logical container. This forum topic is designed for commenting on your daily commute.

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Have been so ridiculously sick this past 7 days that all I could manage was a couple short coaster trips to the video store or grocery store so I could get in my daily ride for the 30 days of riding thing. Two of those days I didnt get out at all as I was trying to find my lung on the floor somewhere (i know I coughed it up somewhere). So bummed out to not be riding along with you guys.

At what point do these thousands of iu's of vitamins actually kick in and help beat back a sickness I wonder?

Cheers gang. Ride on