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How was your ride today? Week of March 19

I had a lovely ride in this morning on the dark but dry pathways. The legs were feeling good and I think there may have been a slight tailwind helping me along too. Too many more days like this and I'll be tempted to put the 15-tooth cog back on for my 'summer' gearing. That being said, I think I need to work on being useful at revs at and over 100. 

I hope you all enjoy a nice ride before the forecast snow arrives!


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Good ride today

Legs were bit tired from a long xc ski on the weekend so I just spun in fairly easy.  I've been using 10th Street a fair bit because it saves me some time on the way in.  I think I've finally even figured out the best way to make that bike box on 5th work for me depending on the light timing. 

I haven't been using 10th much going home because (1) I've still got some misgivings about the south end, i.e. the section where there is no bike lane and motorists pass quite close and aggressive and (2) I find the abrupt end to the lane at Northmount doesn't really make for particularly safe travel with all the motorists attempting to turn right at 14th Street.  I've put in a letter to the City on this.

I do have a question though.  Has anyone else noticed the disappearance of the left turn lane from NB 10th St onto WB 5th Ave?  I could have sworn there was a turn lane there in the not too distant past (i.e. even following the bike box and lanes).

Otherwise, the City has done an early sweep job on the 53rd Street NW bike lanes north of Varsity Drive NW (photo).  There's a couple areas where they left piles of gravel but it's a good early season attempt to make it more navigable by bike.

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looks good!

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Clean sweep

It was a very pleasant surprise to see the lane swept. Not perfect, but a very good attempt.  I was so impressed, I put in a 311 'thank you' to Warren and the crew at Roads who promised to get the lane swept once they got their sweepers fixed. Wink

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Looks Good

But, it also looks like that road needs some work.  I see that rough edge in that picture you took and I also remember there is a big hole at the bottom of that hill.  Not good for bikes!

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At least the hole is in the centre of the travel lane and not the bike lane!

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Season's Greetings

Just doing some met work and realized that the Spring Solstice is tonight just after 11:00 pm sometime (that's sort of early to be on the 19th, but whatever...).

I love this time of year 'cuz the days are getting longer & it all gets better from here!

Or, it's a good excuse to Drink like a Druid (and dance around Stonehenge in the nude?)!

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Leap year?

Early solstice because this year is a leap year perhaps? Undecided

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I'll never understand what keeps people from riding when the weather is like this.  It's very pleasant in the morning with a coat and even nicer in the afternoon!

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Conditions have been

Conditions have been fantastic (but freakin' windy!) No snow and relatively warm, has me dreaming of summer riding. I'm happy to have 11th street SW back but now the turning lane on 5th street between 8th & 9th avenue is blocked due to the construction of the west tower for Eight Ave Place. sign, seems there's always some detour - bummer.

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Just a chance to ride further!

Just think of detours as your friend, since you get to spend more time on the bike. I'm just about ready to make my own detours to spend more time riding in the guise of commuting.

I agree, the conditions have been great (if windy). I may have experienced the fabled tail-wind-both-ways commute yesterday. Had a light westerly on the way in, around 6am, and SSE on the way back home, around 11am (short day in the office). 

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you're right of course :) -

you're right of course :) - however I admit during my morning commute I don't take time out to smell the roses, more likely to do that in the afternoon ride. I think the initial surprise of having your usual route changed is an eyeopener, we all get our pattern of lane changeing and merging into traffic and do it with little thought - now my pattern is to wildley wave my highlighter yellow clad arm so that someone lets me into the 2 block line up of traffic!!

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Heh, I knew someone must be enjoying that switch in wind direction.  My ride was the exact opposite (east at 11, west at 2:30) so I had plenty of time to think about it on every downshift....

That's the thing about Calgary in spring.  You never know which way the wind will be coming from, but you always know it'll be blowing.

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Some People

It still amazes me somedays how ignorant people in this city are. This afternoon a driver almost came to a stop in traffic to yell out his window at me that I should ride on the sidewalk. Really?

Good ride otherwise.

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All the time

Get that one all the time, here in Strathmore... My other favourite was "You're not a car!"Wink

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"And your not a chocolate milkshake! Whats your point?" I might be inclined to yell back.


Morons. I really hate them.

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pathway hazard by East Village

The East Village decorations included hardwood planking and some nice black decorative concrete treated with a glossy (and slippery) sealant last year.    Riding through there this morning,  both wheels starting sliding and a I went down hard on the payment.    There are several sections of this mixed in with the regular concrete, but when snow covered, very hard to tell which is which until it's too late.   I wish the city would get rid of that slick coating or sand it!

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I have always found the pathway managers very open to correcting hazards. I'm sure if you tell 311 exactly this they will fix it.

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I'll never understand

How a multi use pathway would be finished in anything that turns slippery. Or a sidewalk, or anything like that. Anyone with a brain could see that it would be a friggin hazard. But hey, it looks great, doesn't it?

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Other hazards downtown

There are a few places downtown (like in front of the old Petro-Canada or NEB bldgs) where the sidewalk is made of granite. Looks nice, but watch out when it's winter!

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Missed the snow...

...on the incoming ride. I was early enough that I saw just a few grains in the air, lit by my headlight beam. Looks like there won't be any missing it on the way home. I work in Kensington and I can't see the downtown buildings at the moment. Oh well, I've got 4 more hours before I head for home. Good luck and safe riding in the snow to all of you!

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Funny how this snow today

Funny how this snow today really motivated me! Laying in bed listening to the radio thinking I'll just lounge a bit longer, until some guy from Millarville phoned in saying it was a blizzard down there, YIKES! I sprang out of bed and was on my bike in a flash - at work more than an hour early - but no snow along the way for me :) You're right, homeward bound likley will be quite different, oh well.

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Very Optimistic

This week I had 4 (count them - FOUR) young women in my offcie come to talk to me about bike commuting. I helped them look at maps and cycle routes to look for best options, I've offered ideas that can make this all come together for them. It's a new experience for all of them but they are keen so I'm hopeful there will be 4 more new bike communters in the next few weeks!! momentum!

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Wow -- how amazing is that! That's so great to hear about -- thanks for sharing Julie.  Those four women are fortunate to have a role model like you to help them 'break into' bike commuting!  Good for you.