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Cowherd Hustle?

The Calgary Marathon is on May 27th.  I just watched this and was inspired...


RACING THE END ------(Marathon Crash Race 2011) from Warren Kommers on Vimeo.

Except for maybe getting a ticket for something [?], seems neato burrito.


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Pretty good production values

I enjoyed that, but it's kind of telling at the end when they identify the winners and have a special class for fixed gear riders. Was it a race or a fashion show?

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It's real

Even when I was in shape, I don't think I could knock out a 42 km road ride over rolling terrain with no aero gear in an hour.  The folks who win the race train for it.  The other 1500 people on this year's ride were just out for a good time.  For some background on where this thing came from, check out

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Not much ...

I'm about a 1.5 on the fashion scale. I tried the fixed thing for about a week and it wasn't for me.
If you run the marathon barefoot, do you get a special mention?

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What are you going to give

What are you going to give out as medals instead of the dogtags? A branding?  Plus branding is really unpleasant.

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This is Calgary...

...not L.A.  I was thinking about a nice Saskatoon pie.  Saskatoon pie kicks ass.

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I can't imagine racing for a trophy but pie might be another story.  Cow Pie Criterium?  A race with the more award categories than any other?

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Pretty effin sweet

Love the edting on this. Really makes it pop. Cool concept.