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11 St SW Open Again

Not sure when it happened, but 11 St SW between 6 and 8 Aves is open again.  Oh, and the "copenhagen left" north of 6 Ave now has signs!  (Also, trash in the hook, but, you know, whatever.)

Of course, this means we'll get to call in the tow trucks again on illegally parked cars in the 11 St bike lanes!

Here are some pictures of the "Copenhagen left:"



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This opened up afternoon of

This opened up afternoon of Monday Mar 19, next morning (Tues) the bike lane was completely full of parked cars (southbound) but by that afternoon no parked cars were in that lane. The north bound however had and still does have some minor obstruction, easy to ride around. Looks like a bit of constrution still in the area so I expect some ongoing clean up as they complete whatever they're doing now.


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gravel in middle of bike lane

Rode through there last night and noticed the street sweepers perfectly placed a line of gravel right in the middle of the bike lane for pretty much its entire length.

I dont think they could have done a better job of making the bike lane more sketchy if they'd tried! Sheesh!

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Called 311

I called 311 about the gravel last night - should be cleaned up ASAP. Also provided a suggestion of an advanced green for pedestrians and bikes coming south from the bike lane, as I was almost flattened by a truck there last night. 

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yep, I am talking southbound

yep, I am talking southbound on 11th and assumed so was the previous post. Many vehicles travelling north are turning left there and it is often a bit sketchy for the peds & cyclists to get across before the vehicular traffic starts moving.


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Yes, I wish there were a marked lane and traffic light for bikes through that intersection. I don't feel comfortable riding through it since there is really no accommodation to do that, and you put youself at risk (and liability) unless you walk your bike through the crosswalk. I do wish the City would provide better accommodations for cyclists than that.

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At the UCS they told us to

At the UCS they told us to exit the bike lane and take the travel lane at that intersection.

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IIRC, there is no travel lane marked for southbound travel at that intersection (since 11th is a one-way street north of 6th Ave).  Do you just ride off the square curb and into the northbound-to-westbound turn lanes? Or do you ride through the crosswalk (sketchy maneouvre, IMO).

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I've been riding off the

I've been riding off the pathway, kinda in the crosswalk into the southbound bike lane. Very seldom have issues with drivers, but when I'm rushing to beat the "countdown", with northbound cars turning left, it's a bit sketchy, and I'm prepared to stop if they don't...

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Happy 11st is open again. Hook left is Deathtrap.

That Copenhagen left is deathtrap. The biggest problem is the right hand lane narrows as the bike lane ends so you would have to squeeze into the right lane from the bike lane and then you are waiting again for the rest of traffic to clear before you can use the hook. Another problem is poor visibility from the hook for cars turn right off 6th.
No ones uses it.
My preferred method is take the bike lane then take the crosswalk right to the path. Often there are pedestrians crossing so traffic slows. If 11th is green I'll try to get into the left non-turning lane and straight to the pathway. Bike only green would be great! and lines painted from bikelane to pathway.

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One more time

I said it once before and I'll echo your comments.  I was stopped in the NB bike lane at a red at this intersection.  A bus was coming north about a half block back.  The light turned green and I started through the intersection.  The bus obviously didn't want to slow down on a green.  I felt like I was about to get a bus somewhere I didn't want one as I sprinted for the turn.  Not the least nerve-wracking situation (even for someone who rides very often in traffic).  My take is the left is sort of a half-hearted effort.  IMO they should have extended the bike lane into the turn and then actually clearly marked and signed it.  I hope you've called 3-1-1 and asked to speak to someone in Transportation so you can ask they why they are not addressing these safety issues. 

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I used 11th St. northbound on

I used 11th St. northbound on Sunday. I was first at the light so I 'took the lane'. Green light , proceed, make my right into the debris filled 'hook' (good thing I had the mountain bike) and on my way. It works OK but I always think of someone coming up to something like this for the first time. A 'bike lane ends' sign and byond it a bike directional sign. Huh?

BTW there were two parked trucks, one temporary sign and a bunch of temporary fencing all blocking the bike lane at various points.

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Bike box

I think the only way to make the northbound connection work is if you can take the lane, which can be quite tricky in traffic, especially if you are stuck in the bikelane and the cars are moving faster than you.  This looks like an obvious spot for Bike Calgary to advocate to the City to put in a bike box.  If cyclists could stack up ahead of the traffic at the light, it doesn't take long to reach the bike-turn, and a clearly signed and marked bike box would emphasize to traffic to slow down and wait for cyclists (most would probably do that without complaint).

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Current Status?

Does anyone know what's going on with the "Copenhagen left" right now? Looks like the city widened the roadway earlier to make room for continuing the NB painted bike lane into the bike hook, but this hasn't happened... And they removed the concrete fill within the bike hook... And I think the sign for the Copenhagen left is also gone...

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The City's bike program

The City's bike program facebook said this today:

Curb work is done on 11 St SW at 6 Av. Room now to have northbound 11 St bike lane reach the bike turn area, which is now long bike and trailer accessible. Fresh pavement and pavement markings scheduled to happen this summer.

11 St was scheduled for overlay last yearbut that was postponed. I assume they're waiting for the entire road to be repaved before painting the new lanes.