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Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Drop Off

I've got an old (ca. 2001) z1 dropoff 5" travel (1 1/8 inch) steerer suspension fork.  Despite it's age it is still in good working condition.  It's set up with disk mounts as well as posts for v-brakes (should you so choose).  Any interest?  Let me know.  I'm sure we can work out a good deal!


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Z1 history

... don't forget it also has a lockout mode! Is this my old fork? If so then this was back in the day when I was 98% roadie and 2% wannabe mountain biker and had a hard time riding off a curb without fear of heights. No joke. That fork had the easiest life ever... well taken care of, never abused, no hucks or dirt jumping. Heck my 8.5yr old girl is harder on bikes than I was on that thing!! (seriously!)

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Not yours

I think I replaced this one with yours because it has beefier stanchions for the bike I have it on.