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How Was Your Ride? Week of March 26th

Heavy snowfall warning today.  Who rode?  Who went out of their way to use the Peace Bridge?

Interesting ride out of town on the weekend.  Highways northwest of the City are in pretty good shape with some gravel on the shoulders but clean aside from that.  Took the new ped bridge over Stoney Trail at Arbour Lake/Rocky Ridge.  It was a bit of a trick getting through Crowfoot area in the mid-afternoon given all the traffic.  From there joined onto Country Hills and zipped out to Twelve-Mile Coulee.  Some seriously big taxpayer dollar intensive roads with few cars and no bike accommodations!  Could easily have fit in some bike lanes and left out a couple car lanes.  Even with the four car lanes they could have still squeezed in some bike lanes given the space.  Came back into town via Tuscany and used the other new ped bridge.  It's a bit contorted accessing that one from the west given how one has to cross a busy road (term "crossbike" comes to mind). 


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Nice ride, good timing!

Started out a bit early this morning, found the air felt mild and pleasant. Snow started well after I made it to the offcie. The fresh air felt good and woke me up, ready for the day!!

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Very nice ride in from the

Very nice ride in from the North West.... and I did use the new Bronco Bridge....It is well laid out with separation for pedestrians and bicycles...I may start using it as part of my regular commute

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Phew... not much snow

Pretty much no accumulation of snow downtown today despite it coming down outside my office window all day. Who knows what it's like top of Nosehill area near home?

This morning I came into work via Crowfoot area and through Silver Springs via the MUP... couldn't help but notice quite a few of the trails had seen rather heavy use and lots of much kicked up. Folks... if it's that sticky please just give it a little time! You're wrecking the trails (excessive wear) plus leaving really bad impressions to all the other users of us "scofflaw bikers". Patience grasshoppers... all will be dry and good by end of the week for exploring many sun-exposed trails. Or stick to the paved paths, or get out the road bike.

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Echo that on trail etiquette.

You nailed it, it is incredibly damaging to ride those clay trails when they're wet. It's not even fun, with the crud accumulation on your bike. The park has posted a bunch of mild user education signage, but none specifically targetting cyclits. Maybe they should put some QR links to the IMBA trail etiquette stuff.
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Easy today, bad tomorrow

Easy in and out today, but tomorrow might be different.  It's barfing snow right now, heavy and wet.

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up on far NW portion of Nosehill the residentials were about 1/2" thick w/ slickery icy stuff... still had the studded tires on so made it fine being extra careful around corners. South of John Laurie it was 90% clear, and south of Crowchild just wet with a bit of slush here and there. Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Should be a bright sunny ride home with nearly-empty paths... and THEN once April hits el Touristo's will invade the MUPS!

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Dodged another one

I was expecting much worse this morning when I woke up, but clearly we didn't get the snow that Environment Canada was forecasting as of yesterday morning.  The pathways out of my neighborhood were a bit icy but surprisingly free of snow, and all the arterial streets were clean snow-free.  Hope the forecast for today is correct and that the sun comes out and we see a high of 8 degrees to clean up the rest.  

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So what's with that new bridge?

Today I had my first chance to incorporate "the new bridge" into my commute.  I took my oft-frequent route down 10th St NW, 9A St NW and then onto the pathway by the LRT crossing.  Instead of the bridge under the LRT, I continued to "the new bridge" via the recently rebuilt pathway, which made access pretty smooth, though it will be nice when they finish off the entire west approach.  Compared to squeezing through on the underdeck of the LRT bridge, "the new bridge" offered a few nice amenities, i.e. the dedicated bike lane, extra width and good lighting.  My bigger question was how easy it would be to get where I needed to be once on the south side and it turned out to be not too bad with my natural line taking me through 5th St SW, onto 2nd Ave SW then 3rd St SW.  I don't know that it saved time compared to my usual route but it definitely provided easy access to downtown.  I guess I'll see how it shapes up through the spring and summer when things get a bit busier. 

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So did I.

I rode it two mornings this week, and it's a fine piece of infrastructure. It sure does show what can be done for cycling if there's the political will. Ofcourse, once you've crossed the bridge, things quickly revert back to reality in the downtown core. - The 6th and 7th St corridors, planned for improvement in the near term, will need stop sign reorientations. - Traffic light timing is seriously unoptimized for N/S bound cyclists. - Pathway connectivity is incomplete on the south side, and sightlines at 2nd Ave are poor due to existing trees blocking the view of the road. If Transportation can build the surrounding cycling infrastructure to the same high standard that the bridge was designed and built to, that would be excellent.
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I knew it was too soon to

I knew it was too soon to take the studs off!

Careful on Shaganappi Hill it is crusty and slick. It looked like the Bobcat guy clearing it was having trouble with the traction too! Otherwsise not a bad ride.


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The luck be pushed...

Mrs. Pink Robe and I looked outside this morning and said, "F*** it, let's take the road bikes".  The first 1 km was polished ice, but then it was fine.  The ride home was nice and easy.

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First day this week...and with a new bike!

Wheeeee! I hadn't gone in to the office for the first two days due to lack of available child care. Last night, I bit the bullet and bought a nice road bike I'd had my eye on at Campione. I couldn't help myself, I had to ride it this morning, even though I didn't have a headlight on it. My apologies to anyone I surprised  on the MUP this morning, coming along with no headlight around 6am. I was having too much fun! 

As far as conditions go, the sidewalk/pathways from my house to the MUP on the top of Bowmont were treacherous with frozen puddles, but the rest of the ride was great. The weather was very pleasant. I wasn't the only ninja on the path. I did come up on one jogger who surprised me by their invisibility, just east of 14 St. 

I'm looking forward to the ride home and climbing the hill with more than one gear available!

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Great Morning

It was extra foggy early this morning out in Bowmont Park, and as I ripped down the hill into the denser fog, the song "Voodoo" by Godsmack came on my iPod.  That made the whole situation pretty primordial!


As I got closer to downtown (like close to 14th Street) I remembered "Oh Yeah, I need to check out the Peace Bridge," so I went over 14th to the north side of the river.  There were no people, just me and another cyclist, so we ripped through there pretty fast.  I love the chicane-like turn on the entrance to the south side, especially after building up all that speed on the bridge.  The bridge is kind of neat.



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Ride in and ride out were

Ride in and ride out were uneventful.  I went for a two-hour road ride toward Bragg Creek after I got home and was once again reminded of how much I love to be on my bike.  Golden fields, blue skies, wind in my ears.  Sigh.  Smile

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rider numbers

Seriously! There must have been at least a dozen cyclists on my route to the NE this morning at 9 am!  That's 11 more people than I usually see.  This town is a-changing!

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I too agree

I've been keeping an informal straw pole in my head (gosh that sounds uncomfortable, maybe I should spell correctly - "poll") and I've noticed more and more cyclists on my route as well.  I think that drivers see cyclist and think "That looks great, why am I stuckin this car- - I should do that".  My bike commute also dodges some nasty crowchild rush hour squeze.  Rather convincing seeing as how it often takes me less time to get home on the bike then it has in the car.

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Getting Shirty

T-shirty that is!  Second day in a row riding home in a t-shirt.  Dare I hope for a third?  Cool

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30 km and shorts

My ride home (usually only 5km) turned into 30 km and in shorts as well! Winds were pretty steady at 30 km per hour gusting to 60, made south and west travel a bit of a chore, but I didn't care. It was so great stretching the legs, getting some mileage before getting home, picking kids up from music lessons, and making dinner.

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I have to admit, my friend

I have to admit, my friend/fellow teacher that I rode with today is a triathlete, so he kinda humbled me speed-wise particularly in the headwinds (hey, I outweigh him by about 50 lbs). But he sure helped me push myself. :)

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Shorts & Sleeveless

Yesterday and Today.  Going for 3 tomorrow. 


When I went by the Peace Bridge on the way home, where were 2 or 3 cyclists and about a dozen pedestrians using it.  And the weird thing was, there was nobody on the path on the south side of the river until I got as far west as the Renfrew Chrysler dealership.  Weirdness!