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Help Identify Intersections that Don't Need Leading Left Turn Signals

I'm a member of the Calgary Bikeway and Pathway Advisory Committee (CPAC) doing some research into changing leading left turn signals to make walking and biking faster for everyone. 

A leading left turn signal is the flashing green arrow to allow cars to complete a left turn at the beginning of a signal cycle. Unfortunately, crosswalk users have to wait for the left turn to complete before they can start walking - this is very annoying when there are barely any cars turning left

Now don't get me wrong - there are a lot of busy intersections where this makes sense. But where there aren't enough cars... well I just I don't think a cross walk user should ever have to wait in the cold without due justification.  It's also unsafe when people start to cross the road because they believe it should be their turn and it's not.

I'm going to make a pitch to the City to see if they can review this and it would really help my case if I could give multiple examples of where change would be needed. I have one ask - Can you please reply to this post with intersections that have a leading left turn signal for cars where it doesn't seem justified? 

I'll start

  • Riverfront Ave and 4th Street SE (Langevin Bridge)
  • 9th Ave and 1 St SW
Thank you for your help!!  I'll do my best to keep everyone updated on the progress of my mission.


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It would be best if the lights could consider time of day: for many intersections with an advance green, it doesn't make sense (for example) late at night. 10th street at 16th avenue is a nearby example for me of this -- certainly at "busier" times of the day the advance greens make a lot of sense.