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April 2-6 Riding, c'mon Spring!

It's going to a beautiful one, I reckon!   <<<< I'd make this bigger font if I knew how... =)





Last night I got a little too happy with my first delivery of the night, & ended smack down kissing the cement. Straight over the handlebars.  Now on the search for emergency dental repair. Anyone have any good suggestions?  (thought I'd sneak this in)  


-pushed the two front teeth in & down...mmm bring on the cold banana smoochies! No broken nose, just bruised. Thank Goodness!


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Sorry to hear about your

Sorry to hear about your teeth... Teose are always the scriest of accidents/injuries. My son did something similar on his bike, riding inatttentively, checking something on his chain or pants, and ran smack into the back of a parked pickup truck. Smashed his front teeth on the tailgate. Thank goodness for emergency dental and a good Teachers' Dental Plan!

Beautiful ride this morning, the air was nice and crisp, and I loved how sunny it was! We got this weird styrofoam-like snow last night/early this morning, so I decided to ride the commuter bike. Kinda wish I rode the fast bike, but I guess I'll try and get out this evening! I. Love. My. Bike.Cool

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No bike today

Despite the nice weather.  Decided to give the legs a switch and commute by feet.  A good sign of spring was that there were lots and lots and lots of cyclists passing by me this morning (along the pathway west of downtown).  Some slow, some fast, some very fast.  All moved over and gave lots of space.   Definitely good to see the numbers.

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What a coincidence! I did the

What a coincidence! I did the same. My bike is here at work so I ran in and will bike home. Lots of cyclists on 10 St NW and the pathways.  Motorists are just as bad with pedestrians as they are with cyclists .... they roll into the crosswalk Before looking to see if anyone is coming. The unwary runner could get squished.

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Ditched the Studs

A great ride in much easier and nicer without the studs and the weather was great! I was a bit concerned when I saw the snow last night and thought I may have asked for it by switching my tires but in the end it was nothing and I am glad I did.

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Me too

It was soooooo nice to be on slicks again. Even though I'm completely exausted from a weekend of late nights doing home renovations, I was still much faster than I've become used to over the winter. I can't wait to get out the road bike again.

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Watch for bikes

on 10th St.  I am always a bit wary of the car-obscured southbound bike lane when walking my bike across 10 th St. NW at 13 Ave with the traffic stopped.  This morning I had to stop mid-crossing for someone blowing through the crosswalk on their bike at full speed in the bike lane.  Let's not give the bike lane haters more to chew on.

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I sometimes miss those

I tend to ride with my eyes on the road, and I have noticed that I sometimes don't notice the pedestrian crossing lights as early as I do when driving my car. I wonder if an eye level flashing amber light on the side of the road would help cyclists to see these signals better?

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Good ride today.

Had lead-legs from skiing powder all day yesterday at Louise, but the ride home was fast, despite the west wind.  I forgot to pack my shorts, but won't forget tomorrow....

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Not a Good Day for Someone

Just heard that there has been a car vs bike collision on 8 Street and 19th Avenue (not to far from my route). Hope everyone is ok!

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Street sweeping?

Saw some street sweepers this morning around MRU, by the church.  Could the street cleaning program be starting already???  Usually I don't see those big signs and pink flags until May or June!

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It just keeps getting better!

Yesterday, had a nice ride in on the fixie, which was a bit of a change after riding the fast bike on a longer ride on the weekend! Still nice in the morning. In the afternoon, rode home with @winterrider. We noticed that it looked like the sweepers had gone down the northbound bike lane on 53rd. St. N.W. It wasn't a perfect sweep but was an improvement.

This morning, I slowly overtook another skinny-tired rider near Edworthy and then pulled that bright beam of light all the way to Crowchild Tr. If you're that rider, I hope you'll pull me back on a day with a headwind! Tongue out The weather's been awesome and I don't want it to end. 

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Beautiful Day

Yesterday I went out for a early evening ride, & it was fabulous! I also came back home in the dark, I love my night rides!

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chariot =1 Michael -0

Round 1 goes to Chariot - took my daughter to a doctors appointment (just turned one so we are new to the chariot) and it ended up being 24 kms each way. Needless to say Holy Crap is that a workout. I felt as i was hauling a 30 pound bag of sand! It was nice and she enjoyed the day out, almost took out a group of peace bridge gawkers walking in the bike lane on the bridge! Idiots! Need better signage on that bridge what is bike lane and what is not. Rode san chariot today and felt like superman.

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Chariots rule for training

I was towing around my then 2 year old training for the TransRockies a few years ago. Springtime, heading into the west wind, I hear a tiny voice behind me "Faster, Daddy". Good times.

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Groceries don't move

That must be quite the task actually! =) I use mine for grocery runs, but my food doesnt "move" ....ha ha 

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My hardest rides

Welcome to the club umgray.

Pulling a chariot around is great training! I once pulled two kids in the chariot up the path beside home road. This is easily the most strenuous riding I have ever done. The second hardest was pulling them both up the path in the new Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. Its a big hill and I was able to make it up without stopping once (my wife ended up walking up the path).

That was last year, this year I have a 30 tooth cog on the front chainring instead of a 34, I hope this will compensate for the extra pounds they (and I) have put on over the winter.

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Got a compliment today

walked my bike over elbow footbridge today and women with dog in front of me complimented the fact that I walked and appreciated it. I thanked her and informed her that we are working hard on getting bicycle riders to obey the rules as well.

Please remember to walk your bikes arcross footbridges IF people are on it, if nobody is on it, well its your decision.


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Walk bridges or not?

You raise an interesting topic - that of whether or not to walk your bicycle across bridges. Some bridges are marked advising cyclists to walk, others are unmarked. What's your preference?

My preference is to ride whenever possible (doesn't mean I ride all the time) but be as polite as possible to everyone else using the path. ie go slowly, talk to people, etc etc... My logic being that me walking next to my bike is 2x width of me being ON my bike. Most paths can't handle that kind of width (not that I'm "wide") when passing others.

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Not feeling the love

Coming home from a Bike Calgary meeting tonight, northbound on 11 St SW between 9th and 6th. First there was a sand bag in the bike lane .. then two parked cars ... then a big orange sign: Yield to Pedestrians.




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oh dear, that is my daily

oh dear, that is my daily route and yes, those things have been there since they reopened that street, I am just hoping once they are finished with all of the constructin it will be cleared away.

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I put in a 311 request last night ... we'll see.

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Lanes Swept - 53rd St NW

Noticed that the 53rd Street NW bike lane was swept south of Varsity Drive NW.  Also had heard that someone ran over some of the bollards on 52nd Street NW but it seemed to be in good repair last night (maybe fixed since the report). 

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Yes, it appears they already

Yes, it appears they already replaced those bollards with shiny new yellow ones.  That's great to see.

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Lane Sweep 26th Ave SW

This morning the machines and crew were revving up. No parking signs were displayed and the towtruck was ready. It is positively uncommon to see this being done early April, instead of late July.

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Was A Nice Surprise

I thought it was a dream when I rode home yesterday and 26 Ave was clear. I did read how the city had $500,000 in savings from snow budget and that they would be sweeping bike lanes but this one always seems to be forgotten....perhaps my multiple 311 calls did do something.

Of course it had to snow right after and I took of the studs on the weekend, but it was still a nice and fairly easy ride in today (along 26 Ave anyways).

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Much needed on that stretch!

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That pretty much sums it up out of the NW.  Probably about 2 inches or so of accumulated snow on the pathways.  Ice underneath.  It's kind of granular ice so it's rideable, just watch corners.  Bike lanes on 53rd are snowy and icy but rideable.  Came down 52nd through Shouldice instead of Home Road.  Home Road looked pretty polished.  The bike lane on 52nd was snowy and a bit icy but offered a nice safe space to ride.  Getting there was a bit challenging on the steep MUP beside Home Road but I managed to stay upright.  River paths icy/snowy.  Looks like they might have swept the south side between Crowchild and downtown.  It was snow free but icy in sections.  Downtown roads are fine.  Ride safe!

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Did everyone enjoy their ice

Did everyone enjoy their ice ride this morning? It sure was pretty, I was a bit later and had some sunshine making everything sparkly - and less slippery I think :) it was mostly crunchy and quite rideable (as Brent says). Should all be gone by home time.

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Pretty good now

I worked from home this morning and rode in at 10:00 am.  Except for the residential backstreets, all the aerterial and collector roads on my route were wet and slushy, but very little ice left.  Will be a sloppy ride home though! 

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10 St. Underpass, north side of Bow River pathway

I saw some machines removing snow under the bridge yesderday.  The water level is below the path, and the river's not likely to ice up and jam again.   They were probably making the underpass rideable! 

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sping is here

how do you know spring is here? saw my first robin and the bike shops were nuts yesterday.