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Going rate for Calgary bike parking

How much do your employers charge for bike parking fees for secured parking?

Our company is having a new underground parking facility. It is underground, accessible 24X7, and secured for $15/month. No other services. I am asking to see what is customary in this city, no need to name your company, maybe just the location.




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lucky to have it...

I've never been charged for bike parking, but I've not always *had* it, so $15/month seems like a bargain considering...

Best was at Bow Valley Square (locked room, or chain-link cages). It may have been that our company was paying the building for this, though; details fuzzy as it was a while ago. Right now, I have an outdoor bike rack and would happily pay $15 to park inside.


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I have trust issues

I personally dont trust leaving my motorcycle or my bicycle in a private and secure underground parking lot. if it was in a locked bin, or storage closet, that would be better.

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Parking Rates

I pay $75 per year to park in "the cage" while regular underground bike parkers in my building pay something like $60 per year.

This seems like a pretty good deal tome, but I have two issues in my head that always gnaw at me.

1) Accountability - I pay a building security guy who works for the same company I do, which is the major tenant in a building owned by a REIT, so I always wonder if my $$$'s end up in the distributions to the unitholders of the REIT, or if they end up in the building security's Christmas Beer Fund? I will admit that they have spent money last year to provide bike racks, but I have'nt seen any additional spending this year....

2) Policy - Why should I have to pay? The company I work for is a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, so it seems ironic that I would have to pay to park my bike. I don't know where the REIT stands on green issues. Also, I wish the city could eliminate or subsidize bike parking fees as I think they could afford to support commuters, rather than paying my tax dollars developing or acquiring expensive wind farms such as Taber or Kettles Hill.

Furthermore, there has been some talk about a central commuter facility (perhaps in the East Village?). I would like to know if anybody knows the details of this..... Would it be sort of a cross between Mellow Johnie's and a Super Parkade?

I also gotta throw this one in to make you squirm - it has nothing to do with my previous complaints, but really makes me jealous. Some of the guys I ride with work for an oil company that used to "screw you at $100+ a bbl" and they have a heated, secure room with tiled floors where they store their bikes (unlike the cramped cage in the basement by the grease trap where I store mine). They also have a "towel service" in their change room, like the private club I belong to!


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My company has just provided

My company has just provided us with a locked bike room in the underground parking that is free. We had to hassel them for a couple of years but the stains on the office carpet seem to have done the trick.

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It varies...

Secure parking in a heated locked room in Banker's Hall is $125/year, and they have plenty of spots. Once the snow flies, there will be a grand total of 3 bikes in the room. My wife parks there. In my building, my company supplies bike parking to whomever wants it. It's free! Everything from sketchy beaters to $5000 race bikes shows up in there. It's keycard access only for employees, and people have brought in tools and such to share.

I hear that parking in the Petro-Canada building is about $150/year, and 5th Ave. Place is about the same.


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Parking in Petro Canada building

I paid $100 last December for a year of inside parking. The price may have gone up 50% since then but I don't think so. I was on a waiting list for a year and a half to get a spot inside and decided to push the issue after talking to at least three people in as many weeks who had had bikes stolen from the outside parking racks. The guy in charge looked through his records and did some shuffling and all of a sudden I had a spot. There are 30 spots in my particular cage and there are three separate cages. I ride to work pretty much every day and since I've been parking inside I've never seen my cage more than half full even in the middle of the summer and now it is down to a handful of regulars.

Even if the price has gone up to $150 I'd still pay it. The outside racks are jammed with bikes in the summer time and the chances of having a bike damaged are fairly high. I was never too concerned about having somebody steal my old beater but now I can save it for winter riding and ride my newer bike in the summer. Not only am I guaranteed a parking spot, I don't have to remove a whole lot of parts and accessories and haul them up to my office.

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In a warehouse

I lock my bike to industrial steel shelving inside a warehouse where it will not interfere with anything. The company I work for has no problem with it.