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Mirrors for roadie bike

I have been riding Kona Jake the Snake bikes for about 10 years now and have always used mirrors that fit into the end of the handlebar. The mirrors were relatively cheap and so had to be replaced every couple of years because they became scratched.

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good quality mirror?  I have been using the CycleAware Roadie Bar End Mirror that you can get from MEC for around $25.  I have also been looking at the Busch and Muller 903/2 mirror but it is really tough finding a dealer here in Calgary (it would be nice to actually see the mirror before I buy it!).

For all you roadie bike riders out there, what do you recommend?  Thanks.


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Must be bar mounted?

Are you only considering a mirror mounted on your handlebars? If not, I would recommend the Take-a-Look mirror that mounts on your helmet or eyeglasses. I have tried a number of different bar-mounted and helmet mounted mirrors, and this one is by far the best. The mirror quality is excellent, so you can see everything really well, and the adjustments are firm and don't slip. The best part of a helmet-mounted mirror is that you can glance up to see what's behind you without taking your eyes off the road (much like a rear-view mirror in a car). Plus, a helmet-mounted mirror alows you to swivel your neck to "scan around" behind you with the mirror, if necessary (can't do that with handlebar mirrors very easily!).



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have thought about the none-handlebar type

I tend to wear clear googles in the morning and "FitOver" sunglasses in the afternoon so I am not sure if eyeglass-mounted mirrors would work. I also thought the helmet-mounted ones would be a bit of a hassle since I already have a light or GoPro mounted up there.

The one you mention looks interesting - can it attach to my helmet visor and will it be secure there?

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Visor mount

I have mine mounted on my helmet visor. I secured it with a zip-tie to make sure it won't come off unexpectedly. I have them on my both summer and winter helmets, I like them so much. They are also nice in that they fold up underneath the visor if you don't need to use it (e.g., trail riding).

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Thanks DarrenB, I'll have to wander over to MEC and check it out.

Being able to fold the mirror out of the way is nice.  How is the mirror when riding in the dark?

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The mirror works about as well in the dark as a rearview mirror in a car. You'll see bright objects, but your vision is limited by illumination (obviously not much to the rear at night).

And if you do get one, be sure to play with the location in which you mount it on your helmet - a lot of people get turned off by these mirrors for reasons like "they block my vision" or "they are too awkward to look into," which I suspect has more to do with where they mounted it rather than the mirror itself.

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I second the take-a-look

I second the take-a-look mirror.  Have been using one for awhile and I love it!  I have it mounted to my helmet visor as well.  I didn't realize how much I rely on it until my first one broke.. and I rode for a couple days without.. man it was frustrating averting my eyes up and to the left and having nothing there!  haha

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my vote also

I have ridden with a mirror on my helmet or (before helmets) a ball cap since a trans-Canada trip more than 30 years ago.  [ok, I know i'm old!]  I have had different makes and styles, and liked nearly all of them.  Perhaps the biggest learning step was mastering the 'mirror peek' keeping both eyes open.  now I value the mirror so much that I won't ride without one.  Occasionally I find myself glancing for the non-existing mirror even when walking along the sidewalk!