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How was your ride today? Week of Feb. 13th, 2017

Welcomed the warmer teperatures but battled through many hard-packed snow drifts blocking the patways. Hope these are cleared for the ride home. A 311 request has been submitted.


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Lots of snow drifts on Nose Creek pathways

There were lots of snow drifts on the Nose Creek pathways this morning. Most of the the drifting was around 96th Ave, 64th Ave and 32 Ave. Usually about 1ft deep, and 2ft in places. There was a lot of slush and gravel alongside the Bow as well.

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Steep and deep

I drop into Nose Creek MUP at the top of Edmonton Trail at the bus trap at Laycock Park.  The bus trap was several feet under snow and the city roads crew was desperately trying to clear a path through there for buses.  I felt rather smug toodling by on my bike.  Past that the worst drifted section was along the Rock View municipal building there at the north end of the golf course, but that was a tough slog.  I hope they get out and run the plow through it today!

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Fox Hollow hill was pretty

Fox Hollow hill was pretty much covered in drifts all the way up to the bridge over Deerfoot. Submitted a 311 request right away this morning and it has since been closed, so hoping it is nice a clear for the ride home.

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Not cleared at 3:30 yesterday

Not cleared at 3:30 yesterday and still a mess this morning with no sign of clearing. Have sent another 311 request.

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No light

Rode in on the south MUP from Crowchild to the same downtown intersection, no sign of your light.  There were tons of joggers out though, maybe someone else picked it up.

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Hope it turns up for you, I

Hope it turns up for you, I have the same light and didn't have it quite "clicked" in all the way and it came off as I cruised down the Fox Hollow hill one afternoon, luckily the little usb cord attached to the light button held and I was able to stop before it fell to the ground.

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That's a pricy light to lose!  I hope it turns up for you.  I'm always a bit leery of those pricy things on my commuter - I mean hell, I've had my $5 blinky light stolen off my bike in our "secured" parkade, so I'd really need good luck not to lose a nice light!

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Closed 311 tickets

I was told that 311 tickets are closed once they're passed onto the appropriate department/added to the appropriate "to-do" list, not when they're necessarily completed. Unfortunate, and misleading, but there ya go. I don't think it hurts to put in multiple requests, but just so you're not disappointed when your new request is closed and the is pathway potentially still unplowed.
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I thought that as well, still

I thought that as well, still wanted to bug them again today (24 hours later) about the situation not being resolved.

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Crews came out and cleared

Crews came out and cleared the big snow drift up at the top of the Fox Hollow hill, but based on the tracks visible drove up the hill and over the other drifts lower down (ok then...). HUGE shoutout to the gentleman that was there around 3:30 yesterday shovelling those drifts out of the way. Chatted with him for a few minutes after thanking him for making a path to get through.

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Nice couple of days

Rode home in shorts yesterday for the first time this year. Glad to have studs in the mornings though, some spots look really slippery! Like under the Louise bridge on the south side!

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Slip slidin' away ...

caution needed coming down the paved path between 25A ST SW  and the red pedestrian bridge over Bow Trail

A beautiful even layer of smooth 3mm Ice.


otherwise, pathways were splendid!  

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Turned into Shouldice without thinking yesterday. The whole thing was awkward slush, like trying to pedal through a beach front. I've never taken any other route in the afternoon (traffic) so I didn't even consider it'd be that bad, heh.