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Chinook Station Area Plan Revision

Do you live, work, or ride through the Chinook Centre/Chinook Station area? The City is updating their "Station Area Plan" in this area and is hosting a few engagement sessions to get your feedback. You can also get more information here.


  • Saturday March 18: Community engagement 12 - 5 p.m. Near the food court in Chinook Centre 6455 Macleod Trail S.W.
  • Tuesday March 21: Open house 5 - 8 p.m. Days Inn South, 3828 Macleod Trail S.W.


The Chinook Station Area Plan (PDF) has important long term implications for cycling in the area. The plan sets aside a few routes for biking in the area that either currently exist or would be built in the future:

Bike Circulation around Chinook


How does this plan look to you? Do these routes meet your needs, or would you like to see them changed? What do you think about the potential for a Bike Route along Macleod?


The City has opened up online engagement for this project here.


Feel free to attend these engagement sessions or post your comments below. 


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Chinook Station Area Strava

OK, this was fun to make. The Chinook station area map overlayed with a strava map:

Looks like 1A St SW (the first road West of the tracks) should be added as a bike route.

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I don't know that area very well for cycling, but I would caution that Very Often the "thing that cyclists happen to use *now*" is very different from what is the "ideal place to build high-quality cycling infrastructure". This is one of my big problems with leaning too heavily on Strava data (treasure-trove of interestingness though it is!) for big structural decisions in cities. It's *great* to decide "where should I ride this weekend" but probably-not-so-great for "where should we spend $$$ to make cycling better".

It also completely misses one of the key demographics that the City is *supposed* to be aiming for, which is people who ideally don't even identify as "cyclists" and only records "actual behavior" not "where I wish I could ride instead".

Still, thanks for posting the map!

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Chinook Area

These proposed routes look great. A path along Mcloed would be great - But I think it should take the form of a wide MUP, as apposed to dedicated bikelanes. This would route would not be ideal for traveling through the area - commutinv etc. because of the number of business accesses and intersections. It would be nice for short, slow trips to access businesses by bike. For longer (faster) trips, Center or 5th street make more sense.

There is also a significant desire line heading into the Chinook Parking lot from the corner of 5th and Glenmore. Would be nice to see a connection there (for pedestrians at least, may be tougher for bikes). 

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These are pretty much exactly

These are pretty much exactly the routes I already take. If they do something more than putting up signs and paint, I'll be able to take these routes with normal people. 58th is currently terrifying, with hostile drivers trying to experience the freeway feeling on a residential street.

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I agree, I rarely ride to

I agree, I rarely ride to desitnations south of Chinook (from Mission) because getting past the area is difficult.  Some good bicycle infrastructure here would really be an asset to the city. 

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I agree, these are the routes I take in the summer but in the winter if I have to travel through this area, I usually take the long way around along the elbow river pathway, and accross the dam... I would love a better route north and some access to the businesses around chinook. I find the 5st route is beyond my winter cycling abilities, so I stick with the plowed bike paths as much as possible, thus bypassing chinook and going to downtown destinations instead, just not as often.

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Agree with Coldbike and kmp2 that Strave reflects the routes I take.  The main bike path along Meadowview Road (parallel to 5th Street) is well used and provides access to Chinook Center. The major cycling issue on this route is 58th Street. The path runs along the west side of 5th street and at 58th cyclists are dumped onto the intersecution. Some riders go north on the west side cross walk and cut across 5th street to carry on northward in the northbound lane. others cut across 5th street at the intersection.  There is a real need for a bikebox at this intersection.  As for east of Macleod Trail, Center street works but is narrow and hair raising for cyclists.  I alway wonder if the service road/space beside the LRT couldnt be turned into a cycling track. It would be away from the noise and pollution of Macleod Trail and is a pretty direct route that could run almost directly from Anderson to 39th street station