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How was your ride today? Week of March 20, 2017

Chilly this morning! But nice to see that nearly all of the ice was gone from Edworthy to downtown (North side to Crowchild, South side to downtown).  One notable exception was under the 10th street bridge, I'm sure more than a couple of people will bail there this morning.


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Clearing up

Nose Creek MUP north is mostly clear - still the odd bit of ice across the pathway, but not that treacherous.  The exception is the MASSIVE ice flow under 16th Ave.  Still no good path around that one. People have been breaking through the ice maing it prety chunky there.

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First Ride of 2017 on Summer bike

Rode in from Kincora as my normal route is nearly completely free of snow and ice.  Picked a "great" day to do it... strong headwinds and snowing the whole way in.  It was still nice to do it all the way from home!!

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Ugg, wind

No slipping issues today like last week, but the cold south wind was a challenge.  Coming in from Panorama Hills.  

Still better than any other mode of transport though.


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yup, wind

First ride back in after a week or so and that headwind was an unpleasant surprise.  Well, not surprise, I knew it was windy... Nonetheless. Wind brings spring! Hopefully it doesn't spin around and make me face it twice.

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Do you take a bike path

Do you take a bike path coming from Panorama, or the road? How long does it take you?

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I take the exit out of Panorama down the hill through Hanson Ranch, cut through Hidden Valley on the road to get to 14 St near the 7-11 in Hidden Valley.  I then follow the sidewalk and then pathway next to 14st all the way south to my work on Northmount and 14St.  Average days are 30 minutes, wind day and lights can be 35 to 40 minutes.  


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Ugg, flat on the way home .

After the wind coming to work I got a flat coming home (curb jumping is alot harder on a fixed gear then a freewheel bike).  I did have a vehicle stop and park on a side street and ask me if I was ok.  Glad to see there are still people out there who care.  I carry a few spare tubes, pump, and enough tools for most jobs so I let him know I was fine.  


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Wet today!

Started raining about 5 minutes into my ride and rained the remaining 35 minutes.... soaked by the time I got to work but I'll take that over the headwinds from yesterday :-)

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You must be an early bird! It

You must be an early bird! It was raining at 6:30 as I was getting ready this morning, so I was at least dressed for it.

However, rain over top of ice?  WTF!?!?  Couldn't tell what was wet and what was ic.  Thankfully, nothing seemd to have frozen overnght (for the most part). I had a nice pedestrian warn me that the hill on the MUP between 16th and 8th Ave was slippery - very kind of him.  The death-lake of ice under 16th ave has shrunken to something passable now.

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Dark and Early

I usually leave home before 6.  My goal is to be in the change rooms at work before 6:40.

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I came in just as the wet was finishing - as soon as I stepped outside I went back in a swapped my winter shell for my spring rain trench coat :). Now just a week or two more and I might try out my new upright breezer - but for now I'm sticking to the hybrid with studs, for those icy sections in the alley.

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Man that feels good

Finally worked up the courage to take the road bike yesterday - Such a contrast from the winter bike.

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Contemplating swapping into

Contemplating swapping into summer tires. There's really only one icy patch along my route near the EauClaire YMCA but I always have bad luck, always snowing right after swapping. 

Don't wanna wear out my studs and I want to get to work faster, have you guys switched? 

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This weekend or earlier

I also don't want to jinx things, but the forecast is promising and there were no icy patches on my commute from the SE to downtown.

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I switched!

I switched over the weekend.  Awesome biking without the resistance this morning!

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I'm getting a new set of

I'm getting a new set of wheels built for my commuter (with dyanmo hub) so it will be a couple of weeks until those are ready and I can make the switch.  Patience is not one of my strong points.

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Nice. I have been considering the same. Out of curiosity, did you find someone good locally, or are you having it done elsewhere? I have only had good experiences with two wheelbuilders in the city, but one has moved to Victoria and the other retired. If you (or anyone else) knows someone good, I would love ot hear any recommendations.

Or maybe I should just bite the bullet and teach myself already...

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Lance at Bow built some for me that are great.

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Head south

I am having mine built by Dale Firth at Ridley's in Okotoks.  He has built several sets of wheels for me over the years and he obsesses over the details.

I got a a Shimano Deore XT dynamo hub but had to order it from Europe. Not available here.

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Eau Claire 4 way

The ice patch that was there is gone as of this morning, if that's the one you were referring to.