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How was your ride today? Week of April 17, 2017

Is anyone else biking this week?  It looks like a great week for biking for this time of year!


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First Ride

First ride in today, took BRP from Edworthy to 11st then 12 ave. First time on the new cycle track as well was a nice cool morning to try to get moving again.

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Paths were busy this morning

I had a two week vacation followed by a week of driving due to an injury on the foot. Back on the bike this week and things are much busier now. Nice to see the paths springing back to life, and the geese returning in droves.

Won't be too long before we start seeing the little fuzzy gozlings!

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Work behind the zoo

Does anyone know if the work behind the zoo (down at the corner that faces the Inglewood train bridge, not the work along Memorial) is complete? I saw this morning that the work along Memorial at the zoo bridge is done.  I've been going around it by going up and over the zoo road, but I hate messing with the traffic there and prefer the longer, more chill path behind the zoo.

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My boss went through today. 

My boss went through today.  It was "closed" but the worker said he could cut through.  The worker said they would be done today and it should be open.  I hope to take it this afternoon.

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Great afternoon ride

Since the zoo work was finished I took the opportunity to take the long way home around the zoo and up Nose Creek... great ride.. lots of happy cyclists out.

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Thanks to Good Samaritans

Better late than never, but first time at a computer since my accident.

Thurs eve, April 6th, had a bizarre solo accident whilst crossing Edworthy Bridge.  Near as I figure my baggy shorts got stuck in end of handlebars as I stood up, then on power stroke down I was flipped hard onto the bridge.  Have ridden over 100,000km and never had this happen before, or even heard of it.  Thanks to nearby pedestrian and 2 mountain bikers for immediately assessing the scene and assisting.  The short of it was that within the first 1 minute they had called 911 and my wife, within 10mins I was "gone" (ie unresponsive) between extreme shock and pain andsubsequently had a full week in hospital and am now no-weight-bearing for 6 wks due to major leg injury.  So, again, a HUGE thanks to "Kara" and the 2 bikers who assisted (plus obviously my wife and medical folks).  Good Samaritans ROCK.  Also thanks to all concerned citizens who stopped by; apologies to all who heard me cuss like a farmer and cry/scream like an 8yr old girl.


"Treat others as you would be treated".

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So sorry to hear about your injury, Rich. I hope you are on the mend and will be back on the bike as soon as possible. And thanks for sharing your story - it is always great to hear that one can count on nearby samaritans when one of us runs into trouble. All the best for a speed recovery!

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Holy #*(@

Wow. Thanks for sharing that here, and I'm glad to hear you survived, got help, and I hope you heal well.

I think I'll stick to lycra from now on....

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That sounds terrible!  Glad those folks were able to assist you right away - imaginge if it happened early in the morning, during inclement weather, or some other time when no one was around.

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What if's / Thankful for

True - there is a fairly lengthly list of "what if's"...

- what if instead of crashing ON the bridge I had gone OVER the edge onto the gravel below?

- what if I had hit my head first instead of my hip

- what if it had happened in heavier traffic whilst on the road

- what if the Good Samaritans had come 10mins later? 30mins? etc...


Oddly enough there are quite a few positives that I've had time to think about...

- more time with family at home, both before and after school

- being more introspective and being thankful for SO MANY other things in life

- opportunity to de-stress from work...... and opportunity to be SO thankful of my work-support

- reading a LOT

- getting so SICK of social media and the incredible brain-drain.  Have caught myself watching just really stupid stuff on YouTube and realizing that I actually haven't DONE something.  Life is living and participating, not watching.

- having to be more patient with others, less demanding, more grateful


Christmas lights still installed durnig spring time makes me "forward thinking" for next winter, right?



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Accident update

So.... 7weeks since my complex femur break now. It's a long slow recovery indeed...

I have a huge respect for the mobility impaired. This has opened my eyes indeed. Please be kind to those with movement issues - as simple as holding a door, or keeping that elevator another 3 seconds, giving a seat, moving a tripping hazard, or even just a friendly supportive kind word.  Once I get back riding again (July???) give the slow guy (me) lots of room. please.  or for that matter how about respect to anyone on the paths moving along slowly.

As of yesterday was told by surgeon time to start with the cane.  Yowzah!  Not sure about this cane upgrade. It's a modern foldable style cane at least so I can pack it in my commuter bag once I'm allowed to ride. The old(er) man version had an LED light and a beepbeep horn. Seriously.

Still mostly on crutches as I slowly add weight bearing, flexibility exercises, and other very mild movement exercises. No driving for at least another month yet meaning my poor wife continues as my chauffeur (thanks dear!). Managed to go the whole winter riding well and avoiding the stationary bike... and now I get to spend the spring/summer learning how to ride again...on ...the... no-where bike.  Sigh.   Managed my first 15mins today!  (zero load, slow rpm, low heart rate, easy easy does it).  Sore butt.  Hardest part was figuring out the dismount. advice is... just don't break this bone.  Pretty any other one (except pelvis and spinal) instead.  


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That's a long slow road to recovery.

I wish you well, and hope you have plenty of other, non-bike, oportunities to enjoy the spring and early summer.

My daughter had a broken femur at 7, it was years ago and my memories of the time it took had faded. 


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You broke your femur!!

That is a nasty break, so sorry to hear about it. 

I did it many years ago on the ski hill via "starfish" at about 100 km/h.  I threw off a fat embolism from the bone marrow for extra effect.  Some of the fat clotted out in the back of my eyes and I couldn't read for about a year.  For treatment, I had the intramedullary nail installed.  I broke it in late March (in fact the day before my birthday, D'Oh!) and was (cautiously, very cautiously) skiing again in November, but I do remember it was a long recovery.  I was off work for about 3 months.  Did you get the nail or go in traction?

I wish I could give you some recovery tips but it was so long ago I can't remember too much.  I do remember doing a lot of physio, stretching and weight lifting to get rid of the muscle atrophy.  I also remember some frustration at not being able to do certain things like going up or down steep stairs on crutches.

Hang in there!

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Femur fun - recovery and rehab

Thanks all for the well - wishes.  Oddly enough I appreciate hearing that I'm not the only one and that others have returned to activity. its surprising how LITTLE information there is online for these injuries.  On that note here are some details for anyone who is seeking to understand:

I'm not sure how to add a photo here but the xrays are pretty dang cool.  After a couple days in the hospital under traction I had what is known as an intramedullary nail inserted into the top of my femur (after reaming out the femur marrow.... gross) that goes almost all the way down the femur.  it is affixed by a bolt just above my knee and the huge lag-bolt through my spiral fracture pieces up into the femoral head (holding that fracture together too).  Between the spiral fracture being about a few mm short of a compound (ie protrudes through skin), and the 2 bolts, there was some muscle, tendon, and nerve damage which is all healing.  The worst is the nerve damage at nights as it re-knits and sends weird signals to the leg and brain. Muscles also quickly lose their tone, shap, and tend to tighten up.

Recovery for a femur break is very similar to a pelvic or hip break/fracture.  For office people it might be possible to return to work as early as a month in, most folks take 6-8 weeks.  For more physical jobs it can easily be 3 months.  Complications add to this - such as infection, compartment syndrome, clots, fat embolism, etc... all of which are very nasty.  Driving has to be approved by your surgeon as it is a critical safety issue for yourself and those around you.  I'm still awaiting approval...

Physio, both through a clinic and at home, consists of range of movements whilst laying down, seated, standing, and walking with varying amounts of load bearing dependent upon pain and let support on your new noodle.  Overcoming the brain is tough too - its hard to force oneself to push through discomfort, pain, anxiety and stress over new/changing situations (ie stairs, city transit, different vehicles, crowds, long periods of time standing or moving, kids, new exercises, etc...).  It can be very frustrating as some days are better than others. 

Although it's so easy to get caught up in the "woe is me" mode, the reality is this is quite a load on those around us too.  My wife and kids in particular... my wife mostly.  Family and friend support for the injured, and my wife, is very important.  Even simple help around my office is super appreciated. 

Not to belittle or minimize other injuries, but an upper-leg injury is totally life-altering for quite a few months.  I'd rather break a part of my arm again than this. 

Like Gyro says, there will be a lot of physio stretching and lifting.  I usually push myself pretty hard physically, but some injuries just require time and dedication.  It's not worth rushing too much and having a significant setback.  I think right now I'm in the worst shape of my life pretty much - I've been that active sports-oriented person since elementary school.  At this point I'm hoping for easy outdoor riding in August/Sept and work towards actually having a XC and DH ski season.  Not sure if I'll be ready for telemark.


anyways... that's pretty much my life history and take on this situation.  

Time to go heckle my dear wife who's mowing the lawn (doing it the WRONG way of course... sigh....) before I become a back-seat driver.  I keep this up and I'll be moving to the shed!!   (just joking, or course, maybe, or am I??   hmmmmm)


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What a freak accident.  Glad to hear you're ok, relatively speaking.  I hope the recovery goes well and you enjoy the unplanned down time.