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New MultiUse Path 17 Ave SE BRT

Talked about briefly on twitter; Ave BRT Phase 2


My comments were roughly as follows;

-elephant feet and green conflict style paint at all MUP road crossings.

-turn existing wide 9 Ave sidewalk both sides under CPR and Blackfoot Tr into MUP with new curb cuts

-bike box at 16 St SE for left turns onto new MUP

-extend MUP on north side Blackfoot Trail from Bow River to 17A St

-add wayfinding signage at irrigation canal

-to mitigate removal of west crosswalk;

  -new MUP on north side 17 Ave SE from irrigation canal to Barlow Trail at Merchant Law Building

  -turn both sidewalks on island south of 27 St SE into MUPs (wider, with multi-use stencil)

-wayfinding signage to direct cyclists/pedestrians on north side of 17 Ave to/from the new MUP on south side of 17 Ave.


This really opens up the south side of the Bow River and Inglewood from people commuting from Raddison Heights, GFL, Southview as previously the AAA route was via the Max Bell pedestrian bridge to the Nose Creek Pathway.  Couple it with the MUP either side of 17 Ave SE to the Chestermere when it all gets built, and this flat area will certainly have better accessibility.


What do you think?



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More crappy detours...

I'm beginning to think the City has something against cyclists coming from the SE. Beaverdam/Old Refinery has been closed since 2013, another detour at Glenmore Trail, and the pathway closed south of Riverbend. Now we get this closure with another crappy detour (use the sidewalk?!) for 18+ months. Why even bother trying to ride.