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Highway 40

Has anyone been out to the 40 yet this year - is it too soon? 


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Surprised nobody has answered

Surprised nobody has answered this yet.

Hwy 40 is good to go and has been since early May. The pass is clear. The recent snow dumps might have left things a little wet in places near the top though.

Watch for bears and wildlife though.

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Annual bump - I imagine there

Annual bump - I imagine there is still plenty of snow at the pass (including some fresh), but how far could one ride from Longview side before it's impassable? Anyone been out yet?

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Tons of snow

You could *likely* bike to around Picklejar from the south. However there's over 5 feet of snow at the pass including 40 cm fresh, so that's not going anywhere anytime soon. 

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Snowed in in Bragg Creek Yesterday

I was listing to the CBC morning show and one of their panelists had to call in from Bragg Creek because he was snowed it!

I was down there yesterday evening and it had mostly melted, but at elevation it's sticking around.