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How Was Your Ride Today? Week of July 10, 2017

I'd like to thank the construction on Home Road last week for forcing me onto 16th ave so I could realize it's not that bad after all. Always avoided it like the plague, partially because turning looked like a nightmare, but with the road essentially reduced to a T intersection with a set of double lights it was smooth sailing. Probably won't find myself on it again but it was nice to see how relaxed the extra lane of traffic made it feel compared to how I expected it to be. 

Looks like they're just about done wrapping up work though so all the roads are flowing again! 

Heat seems like it's gone and will return Wednesday/Thursday.


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First day riding this week

Glad we got the rain but it put a dent in my bike commuting... today was pretty nice though.  Saw the response to a big accident on 4 St NW this morning.  Hope everyone was OK.

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Wet x 2 days including

Wet x 2 days including drowned rat impression yesterday morning.

Dry today, headwind.


FYI; the pinkbike forums are saying the barbed wire mountain bike incident on Merlin (WBC area) in all the media this week looks like a scam.  If you were thinking of donating to the gofundme campaign, then I'd hold off until the dust settles.



Also seeing on twitter Nose Creek has had a closed pathway at McKnight Tr (not commuting that way for about a year now).  It'd be great to see a local councilor who professes "I don't hate bikes" invest some time and energy in the off-street stuff since he's against the on-street stuff like here and at Goddard.

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Yippee.... a comment from me!

Hope this generates a few comments and helps bring this forum back to life!??

Happy to be back riding is all. First MUPs rides this week since early April when I crashed near Edworthy at broke my femur.  Yeah yeah I've been given "the speach"about coming back too soon and to be careful.  The challenge is less to do with my skills, and more to do with the unpredictability of those around me.

Now I am that slow wobbly lookin' guy on the paths and I get to experience those blast by ninja-like without so much as a bell or "passing", perhaps too closely, or ducking into a gap that doesn't really exist, dodging walkers/dogs on the bike-side of the MUP, or perhaps you're one of the 100's that actually are kind and considerate to the slower users.  Since my ride is much much slower now I've noted those in winter gear in the summer time, those with mega flashing lights at 5pm, and those out for a true enjoy-nature ride.

So next time ya'll blast by me, don't forget your cheerful bell, a smile, a kind word, etc... and I shall attempt to do likewise both now and once I'm back to pathlete status (but not a stravasshole) 


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Glad, too (or is that X2)

You picked a good time as it seems like we are in to a period of "endless summer!" as the weather network is predicting lots of sun and mid to high 20 temps for the next two weeksd.

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Welcome back

Welcome back, Rich! Hope your back to 100% very soon.

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Yahoo Buckaroo!!

Saw this sign on 8th Ave this morning.  I'm assuming that it's a stampede thing only because of the cowboy hat.... photo ebf5e66a-92ae-4560-a63c-a21b6aac7e6f_zpstgmpxcod.jpg

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Be aware those that travel through 17th Ave SE.

Impending, annoying closures slam underpasses shut on both sides of the Cushing bridge at the same time for 2+ months starting in a few days.  There is no signage or post on the closure website - this info exists only on the pathway and bikeways map at the moment.

Edit: noticed it's over a year closure - lovely.  Also noticed this was posted in another topic.  :|