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Missed Connections

Missed Connections


You were a pathway that ended roughly in a cul-de-sac that lead to nowhere... You were a closed pathway without a detour marked out... You were a deep trench across a bike path that catches peoples wheels... You all ride your routes, how would you improve those little things to make your trip by bike better? Let us know what and where the problem is, and we will work to make it better. Is it a missing few blocks to get safely to some already great infrastructure? Maybe just a pavement issue along the route. Whatever the concern, we will add it to our list! Fill out your missed connection today! 



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45th Street SW

You were an on street bike way who's few signs have been swamped by snow route signage, bus stops and other clutter.

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5th Street SW Elbow to 17th

Yup this is the one identified on Tom Babin's blog ( today. This gap is a real and big problem, but I'd like to point out a small stop-gap solution that would help some riders heading north.

Currently, it is illegal to turn left from 5th street onto 25 ave, presumbly this is to stop drivers from taking short cuts through the neighbourhood. However, it also prevents cyclist from taking a safe parallel route (and designated bike route!). If this intersection was change to allow left turns by cyclists only, it would create a bit of a blow off valve allowing riders to safely and legally avoid 5th in favour of Cliff street.

There are downsides though -

1. It's not a good solution for children and less confident riders (a problem for me since this is part of our school route).

2. It puts cyclists out of sight. Right now the demand for infrastructure on 5th during rush hour is obvious, taking riders off of this strtch of road hids the demand.

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To quote myself 'small stop-gap solution that would help some riders heading north'.

It is illegal to turn left off of  5th at 25th when northbound. The goal was to get riders to Cliff St., not 4th.



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OOPS, my bad

I missed that.

Whenever I come in from that end of town, whether from Mission/ 4th street or Elbow, I usually jump over to 2nd street, which has a bike lane all the way down to 10th ave.  This is really handy because I can go either way on 12th Ave if need be.

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No worries

I live between 5th and Cliff street and travel with kids on bikes all the time, so these gaps put us on an invisable island.

2nd is ok, but 5th north of 17th is better, especially if you're travelling with kids, or need to go under the tracks.

The other problem at Elbow n 5th is the lack of a crosswalk/ramp for south bound travelers.

This forces us to either cross the intersection twice (once across 5th and again across Elbow) or stay on the sidewalk on the north side of Elbow until be get to the next crosswalk.

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Heritage Drive at 14th Street

West bound to the park along Heritage Drive this is a disaster. MUP runs on the south side of Heritage both sides of 14th but there is no crossing - I presume the expectation is to dismount and cross 3 ways. East bound you can just jump on the road EXCEPT you need the good fortune to have a car there with you to activate the signal if there isn't one it can be a very long wait. Proposed solution would be allowing a crossing on the south side of that intersection with a call button to provide sufficient time to make it across. Here's a link to Google maps but the image seems to have been taken before they added the dead end MUP on the far side.,-114.0942361,3a,75y,255.19h,77.87t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s20nXtSBrytoWofoLYerR-Q!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

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Awful intersection.

I suspect that's an example of the sometimes misplaced priorities in our city.  I can't believe there's no crosswalk or signal on the south side of that intersection.  

To be fair, Heritage is so busy and that intersection is so awful I almost always take 75th Ave when I'm in that area (and cross on the flyover in front of the hospital).  

I think I read somewhere that these intersections (Heritage, 90th, maybe Southland) are going to get pedestrian flyovers when the BRT gets built.  

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NW Beacon Hill to Royal Oak Walmart Bermuda Triangle

Took my daughter for a ride on subject-pathway.  Got to the old dump entrance and suddenly the path is closed, and we were less than 5mins to our destination. DAGNABBIT!!   I was ticked.  Choices were take her on roads with large dump trucks or retrace backwards.  So we went backwards... I couldn't believe there was only the sign AT the closure.  Turned out there WAS another sign right at the Beacon Hill lights which we didn't notice because we were too busy dodging the effin-ahole who tried to run us down in his truck (yes we had a cross signal).  City planners consistently, IMO, don't think through detour and closure signage locations.

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Rocky Ridge Road

There is a path on the east side that runs from just north of Butterfield Acres to 144 Ave.  It's behind a fence?

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you can get to it...

Yeah, that's a weird one. You can access it at either end fairly easily, though -- follow the (short) dirt trails over the barbed-wire. There's often a wet/swampy/muddy area half way along.

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Missed connections/Improvement ideas

I encourage you all to add your ideas for missed connections and improvements in general.  I just went through and put in my own suggestions for where pathway segments need to be added to complete a corridor, where curb cuts are required, where signage or signalization needs to be changed, where multi-use crossings are required, etc.  To make it easy for Bike Calgary volunteers, I used Google maps to click and grab the lat/long coordinates to include in the location description...along with the nearest intersection or roadway.  This is such a great opportunity to identify those small improvements that can make a big differnce in your daily ride!

Remember, Bike Calgary needs to get these to the City by the end of August.

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96 ave to Nose Creek no pathway

Other than 4x4 track or fields no connection from 96 ave pathway to Nose Creek or Harvest Hills Blvd pathway

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96 ave/airport trail dead ends

Airport trail pathway ends at sidewalk 19st ne. No road access. Only sidewalk

96 ave pathway ends at bus stop. Sidewalk connects to harvest hills blvd pathway. Why not continue pathway instead of turning it into a sidewalk?

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Stoney Trail

Harvest hills blvd pathway dead ends just south of stoney trail. No way onto HH blvd or stoney trail except biking over curbs

Going south from stoney onto HH blvd, have to cut over into left lane and turn left across incompleted intersection to get back on pathway.

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Missed Connections - Clarification

Great to get the feedback on these, but to expedite getting this info to the city in the most useful format, please use the linked form (very simple and quick) in the forum header to add the requests that have been filled in here (if you have not already).  Please include coordinates if possible.

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Copy of submissions?

Are the compiled submissions available? After I submit I realized I should have saved a copy of my submission.

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railway bridge

HiBrent, I have filled in the online form already as requested

A new connection I have been thinking about for years is at the confluence of Nose Creek with the bow River. There are no river crossings between the zoo and 17th Ave SE. The obvious thing to do is to cantilever a walkway or bikeway to the side of the railway bridge. It would have a minimal cost and be quick to implement. It connects North Calgary to Inglewood and points further south, giving a much quicker commute route for those who are traveling a long way north or south. Just need to persuade the railway company to go along with it.

One Angle might be to point out the improved safety of that way to cross that bridge instead of the dangerous current situation where some people might want to cross on the tracks. I have never seen anyone do that with a bike, or even on foot, but I suspect pedestrians might do it from time to time.


Before We say this can't be done, look at other jurisdictions where it as already happened. For instance, the new bike and pedestrian crossing of the river in Portland Oregon, attached to the side of the Amtrak bridge.

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probably too late?

...but I submitted a couple more, whose desire-lines show up on google-earth:

Coach Hill desire line

This one ^ by Coach Hill Road is pretty bad: it's now blocked with jersey barriers, after the third attempt to stop people riding the shortest way (giant metal fences on the switch-back-ing new pathway) has failed. Pretty pathetic from Parks.


Nose Hill desire lines


Why there is no connection from Nose Hill Drive at Stoney up into the neighbourhood is ... unexplainable. The *only* way to get from here into the neighbourhood is a 3.5km detour (as measured on google-maps) up Tuscany Hill Blvd. Given the 10's of millions put into that interchange, there's *really* no excuse from Transportation/Parks.

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Good ones

Good ones, Mike. I submitted the Tuscany one also -- that missing connection has been "on the books" for years and years, with no sign of it ever coming. It is also a missling link in the Rotary/Mattamy Greenway. But to be fair, that interchange project was a provincial project, so City of Calgary Parks and Transportation Planning really weren't on the hook for that. Having said this, Alberta Transporation did a surprisingly good job at creating pathway connections for the areas they were responsible for, including a new pathway on the east side of Stoney Trail so that everything tied into the regional pathway system.

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Unsafe city access from Highway 8

 if you enter the city on Highway 8 (say for example from Bragg Creek), you have a nice wide paved shoulder to ride on right up until the end of the highway where it makes T intersection at the corner of Glenmore trail and Sarcee trail. Continuing on either of those roads is madness given that the speed limit is 80 km/h and there is no paved shoulder. Worse, there is a curb preventing you from getting out of the way of vehicles. However, there is a very simple solution to this problem.


All that needs to happen is to open a gate in the chain-link fence on the east side of the intersection. This will allow access to the GlaMorgan neighbourhood and the quiet 50th St. From there it is just a short hop over to the 45th St. bike route.


Then, at the intersection of 69 Street Southwest and Highway 8, there should be a sign directing cyclists are to the lower springbank road so they can also enter the city by that route.



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It's going to get worse

Given the construction that's going to occur in that area in the coming years as Southwest Ring Road connectors and interchanges start to be built.

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too late?

I am new to Calgary and just learned of the missed connections data collection.  It's way past August.  Is it too late to point out some gaps?  (I would really like to see the 5 Street bike infrastructure continued in some form down to the Elbow River Trail.  Commuting from the South to Beltline/Mt. Royale, this is really the only place I cringe.)

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You can always 311 any missing connections you see.

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The connector from the Brentwood Dr. cycletracks on the S side (into the neighbourhood) is not on the "things to clear of snow" list. This makes the entire route way less usable in the winter (it's basically always been completely backed/lumpy snow/ice when I went this past winter).

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Brentwood Road is not on the

Brentwood Road is not on the snow and ice clearing map, but the connection at 40th ave should be. Are you referring to that?  Think I might ping in a suggestion ticket to add Brentwood Road actually, seeing as this passes by a lot of high priority stops for everyone (Safeway, restaurants, LRT, brentwood shopping). Apparently Bell St is marked to be cleared in the winter, but it doesn't connect to any other road or pathway that is also cleared.  I could see them being open to clearing Brentwood Rd as an alternative to clearing the sidewalk and pathway on Charleswood. 

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Ran into some unexpected

Ran into some unexpected pathway closures along the Elbow River pathway - the section along Riverdale Ave. that goes underneath Elbow Drive - and again this afternoon between Rideau Park and Stanley Park.  No signage that I saw... but I may have missed it.