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Press Release - Education Campaign Key to Reducing Bike Thefts Says Bike Calgary

Bike Calgary and the City of Calgary have created an education campaign to reduce bike theft by improving bike lock-up behaviors.  While leading a bike theft task force, Darren Mazzei, the Vice-President of Bike Calgary, had the idea to create a graphic sticker depicting bike locking techniques and decal city-owned bike racks. Mazzei approached the City of Calgary to bring the idea to reality and three months later 1000 stickers have been printed and are ready to be installed.

The simple graphic depicts three possible ways to lock your bicycle and a website link to get additional information. Local artist, Tyler Lemermeyer, produced the illustrations, Bike Calgary volunteers designed the sticker and City of Calgary Roads Maintenance provided permission to put the stickers on the bike racks. “The project came to together very smoothly. The City said yes to put the stickers on the racks and I think Tyler made some beautiful illustrations,” stated Mazzei.

                The first batch of stickers will be installed by Bike Calgary volunteers during a Cyclepalooza event on Thursday, July 20th, 2017. Cyclepalooza is a 10 day grassroots cycling festival that takes place between July 14th and the 23rd. Anyone interested in volunteering can meet at City Hall with a bicycle on Thursday, July 20th at 5:30pm and after brief instructions groups of riders will leave at 5:50pm to install the stickers throughout the city. Bike Calgary will install stickers on standard issue City of Calgary bicycle racks with a focus on high use locations. Business owners with private bike racks can reach out to Bike Calgary if they would like decals on their racks. “The more often people see the sticker the more they are likely to improve their habits,” says Mazzei.

                During a literature review Bike Calgary’s Bike Theft Task Force found that that 90% of stolen bicycles were locked with a cable lock or unlocked in a garage or storage locker in a parkade. “It’s important for the public to know that their bike is not safe in these situations and locking your bicycle in a better way significantly improves that odds that your bicycle will not be stolen,” states Mazzei. Bike Calgary hopes that the education campaign will encourage better locking habits to deter crimes of opportunity.


                Bike Calgary represents over 2,700 members and works to improve cycling connections throughout all of Calgary’s communities. The volunteer run organization wants to encourage cycling as a mode of transportation for all ages and abilities through advocacy, education and community building. 

Event: Save the Bikes!



                Thursday, July 20th, 2017


                5:30pm – social to follow, location TBD


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The "reducing bike theft" stickers

Are these stickers commerical available?

Or can I just "snip/cut" and then print it out or is it copyright etc?

Reason: My place of employ has had some thefts recently and they just put up a fairly useless and confusing "tips" poster and I could just slap this on the posters to help my fellow bike commuters.



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If you still wish to get some bike theft stickers, please email [email protected] with your request. 

Thanks, Krista