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South Shaganappi Trail Study

The City of Calgary is hosting an open house for the south end of Shaganappi Trail (16th Avenue and Bowness Road interchanges).  

There has already been discussion about including bike infrastructure in the northern part of the corridor  Let’s make sure bikes are part of the discussion for the south end as well.


Thursday, November 19

5-8 p.m.

Parkdale Community Association

3512 Fifth Ave. N.W.


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Popped in

I went to the open house last night, it seemed like they were simply trying to identify what problems people see with the current situation. I didn't have much to say as that really isn't much of an issue for my commute, they were definitiely thinking about how to improve cycling. 

The only thing that I though was a little concerning was the significant number of complaints about the Edworthy Parking lot being filled by bike commuters leaving no room for casual park visitors. I'm a little concerned that Parks might react to this by locking a gate accross the parking until say 9 am evey day.

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It's not just Bike Commuters in that lot

Edworthy park has become a satillite lot for the Foothills Hospital campus staff as well. Most of them are on foot, the pathway along Shaganappi and 16 Ave gets busier every year.


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Misplaced criticism

The Edworthy parking lots are both designated as Park'n'Bike locations. Thus, bike commuters have just as much right to park there as anyone visiting the park. To suggest that park visitors have priority, if they did this, is false self-entitlement, in my opinion. Hope the City staff was merely dismissive about the comment, if so. First-come, first-serve.

Besides, I have seen the lot become very full at times, but I can't recall ever seeing it COMPLETELY full. Perhaps it happens, but I am guessing it is rare. And if the park were a business, they would LOVE to see that parking lot full of users' cars -- that's a sign of success.

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That would be an unfortunate reaction. Like building big fences when "desire paths" appear, which it unfortunately seems like Parks really "likes" to do. Why can't they analyze what failings these desire-lines reveal and re-design instead?

Anyway, if a park-n-ride lot is "always" full this should be a chance to celebrate the success of "Park and Ride" and make it bigger (or designate another one, maybe a little further away for commuters who want "a bit more challenge" some days). BTW, from whom were the complaints coming, and how do they know it's "commuters" filling up the lot...?

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Shouldice P&R

Are the Shouldice parking lots all designated Park & Rides as well? I know the one on the west side of Bow Manor is a Park & Ride, but it is small and usually full. Literally less than a minute away are two more parking lots inside of Shouldice that are almost always empty, and nearly double the size, except if a school is using the one football field. Do people not know those lots are there, or are commuters ticketed for using them? 

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Children's Crossing

I know I bring this up on "every" Shaganappi discussion, but the City really, really needs to do something to fix the crossing at Children's. Currently, the MUP dead-ends there, and there's a wider-than-the-MUP desire line of people crossing Shaganappi (on foot and bikes) "illegally". Re-designating this section as a "local road", as the City wants to do, is *not* a solution -- although it is cheaper for them, as they can then do a level crossing instead of something more expensive.

Meantime, the *bare minumum* treatment should probably be ramped curbs and a "press button to cross" set of flashing lights? However, I think even this "isn't allowed" with the current road designation (and/or speed?) and whatever "guidelines" they're following, IIUC.

Instead, of course, they just periodically fix the fences which seems to last up to a couple days before someone rips one or both open...

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But when?

I presume we won't see this for another 10 to 30 years though as I think that is the timeline provided with the shapanappi corridor study.

Please let me know if I'm wrong on that timeline, I'm just going off the top of my head on that one.

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You nailed the timeline

It's burried in the FAQ


How long before construction happens?

The study looks at short- and long-term plans. It’s hard to say when construction will happen when we don’t know what the changes will be. As the study progresses, we’ll get a better idea of what the opportunities are and when they can happen. The best estimate at this time is 10-30 years for construction to occur."


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Stripping and grading in west campus has begun

Construction of that intersection will be far quicker than 10 - 30 years - the development of the UofC west campus is not part of the South Shanganappi Trail Corridor Study (although that study certainly considered it).

The link I provided above is from the West Campus Development site, which is building the new community called University District on the largely vacant land around the Children's Hospital. The details aren't available online (that I could find) but the development is proceeding, with stripping and grading currently underway. I assume that since the new intersection will be required to accommodate the new community, it should be installed before any major building construction begins. 

Elsewhere on the WCDT website, I found this: "Intersection access via Shaganappi Trail is currently scheduled for 2016/2017."

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South Shaganappi - Public Design Idea Workshop - April 9th

Following is an update on public engagement from the City of Calgary.



South Shaganappi Study: Get Involved


The City of Calgary is conducting a transportation corridor study for the south end of Shaganappi Trail.  The study area includes the Shaganappi Tr. and 16 Ave. interchange, the Shaganappi Tr. and Bowness Rd. intersection and the Bowness Rd. and Memorial Dr. interchange.


Join them at their upcoming public workshop to share ideas about possible changes to the study area.  With the help of a technical illustrator, you’ll sketch potential designs and explore ways to achieve the study’s goals and objectives. 


Public Design Idea Workshop

Saturday, April 9, 2016

1 to 3 p.m.

Foothills Academy, Wellness Centre

745 37th St. N.W.

RSVP at or call 311.


If you’re unable to attend the workshop, there will also be an opportunity to share your ideas online at starting May 11th.


Please note: A similar workshop for the adjacent communities of Montgomery, Parkdale, and Point McKay has been scheduled from 10 am - noon. This invite-only event provides those with homes and businesses in close proximity to the study area an opportunity to participate in the same workshop with others who may share similar perspectives. If you live in one of these adjacent communities, please refer to your community newsletter for the RSVP link or watch for an invite in the mail. 


To learn more about the study or to sign up for email updates, visit


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South Shaganappi Study - Survey/Feedback Opportunity

City staff and consultants working on the project have reviewed design ideas from the April 29th Workshop and have identified a number of technical elements (I'll call them themes), that will guide the design of the study area.  They are now looking for additional feedback from citizens on these technical elements  to help develop preliminary concepts to be presented in the fall.  You can access the survey and provide your input until May 25th, 2016 by the following link;

Please also check the project page for any new information about the project or feedback received to date (link at top of this forum).

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South Shaganappi Study - input done.

There is 50km/h with stop lights on either side of this for 16 Ave plus Main Streets.  It'd be a shame if they didn't turn this into at-grade intersections with seperated bike lanes and wide sidewalks per Complete Streets.  Really like the idea of putting in a grid of new streets to knit the three communities together.

If the City really invests in queue jumper lanes, high quality stations, etc for the North Crosstown BRT, it will surprise people with it's ridership and could be right up there with 17 Ave SE for the next round of LRT after the Green Line in 20 years.  They should set aside a right of way for it through this space since LRT would extend west through it.  The logical spot to connect North Crosstown with the Northwest LRT is Lions Park Station, not wrapping around the U of C to Brentwood Station.


My impression is the majority of people have a bias of viewing the world through a windshield, and surprisingly have expressed a desire to live next to the air and noise pollution of a freeway versus distributing traffic through a grid of streets and making a community friendly to people instead of cars.  With the campus development, hospital development, stadium shopping center, Crowchild Tr Study this entire area could really become more hostile to walking/cycing or get much, much better.

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South Shaganappi Study - Engagement Event 24-Nov

As distributed by the City of Calgary:



South Shaganappi Study – You’re invited to attend the upcoming engagement event


As part of Phase 2: Concept Development and Analysis, The City of Calgary is presenting the preliminary concepts for the south end of Shaganappi Trail.  They are asking Calgarians to evaluate the preliminary concepts against the study’s objectives and community values developed in Phase One: Project Initiation and Definition.


Public Open House Event Details:

Thursday, November 24, 2016

5:30 to 8 p.m.

Foothills Academy, Wellness Centre - 745 37th St. N.W.

No RSVP required


If you can’t attend the open house, an opportunity to provide your input online will be available around the same time as the event listed above.


The input they receive, along with technical review, will help them identify a set of recommendations to present to Calgarians in Phase 3: Preferred Concept Selection in spring 2017.


For more information, visit

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South Shaganappi Study - Provide Feedback (to Dec 8)

The South Shaganappi Study is in Phase 2 and the City is asking for citizen feedback on the preliminary concepts with the goal of presenting a final concept to Council in Spring, 2017.  All of the concepts have potential significant impacts on bicycle mobility within and through the area both in direct terms with the type of infrastructure, but also indirectly in how they will influence traffic patterns on roadways currently utilized by cyclists.

Please review the concepts and provide your input at between now and December 8th, 2016.

IMAGE: Image of long-term preliminary concepts (

How does this tie into the previous Shaganappi Trail Corridor and HOV Study for the roadway corridor north to Crowchild Trail?

Details can be found here:


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South Shaganappi Study - Open House (June 14th)

Please note that the City of Calgary will be hosting a public open house Wednesday, June 14 from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Montgomery Community Hall - 5003 16th Avenue N.W.

At this open house, the City will be providing information about short- and long-term recommendations for the intersections of Bowness Road, Shaganappi Trail and 16th Avenue. For the cycling environment, short-term changes call for improved connectivity along Bowness Road via a multi-use pathway along the north side with additional connections to adjacent roadways. Options will also be presented for improvements along 43rd Street NW, including establishing a formalized multi-use crossing of 16th Avenue connecting to the regional Bow River Pathway. Long-term recommendations are for a significant redesign of the roadway network in the entire area, including concepts for improved bicycle connectivity.

Bike Calgary had previously provided feedback to the City requesting maintaining or improving the cycling connection along 43rd Street and to the Bow River Pathway as well as support for improved cycling connectivity along Bowness Road with cycling-specific infrastructure that is comfortabable and functional for all ages and abilities and that meets the mobility needs of cyclists while mitigating conflict with pedestrian and motor-vehicle travel modes.

Please take the opportunity to attend this open house or provide feedback to the City online (timing TBA).

More information can be found at or at

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South Shaganappi Study - Additional Feedback Opportunities

As per the City of Calgary, the draft plans for long- and short-term recommendations (Phase 3A), including 43rd Street NW bikeway, are posted at

Online feedback is being collected until June 28th, 2017.

Pop-up events are as follows;

Event #1: Foothills Medical Center (outside by the Garden Deli) 

Monday, June 26 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Event #2: Edworthy Park (by the bridge) 

Monday, June 26 from 3 to 7 p.m

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South Shaganappi Study - Phase 3A Report

The City of Calgary has posted the South Shaganappi Study Phase 3A reports looking at short- and long-term changes to the Shaganappi Trail/16th Avenue/Bowness Road NW interchange area and also at 43rd Street NW, an important cycling connection from Montgomery to the Bow River Pathway.

Next steps for the City are to present the final short-term and long-term recommendations to the public and answer questions (Winter 2017/2018).

The project must still go to Council to determine funding priority in the Spring 2018.

Full details can be found at and the report is linked here. The following is a brief overview, including some screen shots from the Engage page.

Short-term improvements for cycling connectivity in the short-term plan include a multiuse pathway along the north side of Bowness Road (image below: City of Calgary).

Bike Calgary has pointed out the need to ensure crossings and intersections are designed to allow safe and efficient travel for all modes (including cycling) with operational clarity, i.e. crossings and intersections should facilitate bicycle travel. We have also pointed out the need to ensure the same at the start/end points of the pathway.

Of three concepts presented for 43rd Street, the Right Out Only appeared to be the most preferred (image below: City of Calgary) in terms of improving travel for all modes on 43rd Street and making for an easier and safer pedestrian/bicycle crossing of 16th Avenue.

The long-term plan is a complete revision of the interchange area to create what is known as a Tight Urban Diamond. Benefits for cyclists travelling along Bowness Road include the potential for cycle tracks and bicycle lanes. For Shaganappi Trail multi-use pathways are planned, as per the original Shaganappi Trail Corridor and HOV Study (image below: City of Calgary).

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South Shaganappi Study - Open House (March 17th) - Final Concept

The City of Calgary will be hosting an open house to present final short- and long-term recommended plans for the South Shaganappi Trail Study Area based on feedback on the Phase 3 concepts.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

  • 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (drop in, no RSVP needed)
  • Montgomery Community Association - 5003 16 Avenue N.W.
Final recommendations will still have to go to Council.