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How Was Your Ride Today? Week of November 13, 2017

Did you get out and enjoy one of the last nice days? All things considered this whole week looks pretty nice. 
Wednesday won't be quite as nice as today, but pretty similar if you missed Monday.


Hextall still closed. But the denizens have spoken and the fences have been vandalized on all ends. Quite a lot of foot, paw and cycle traffic using it according to snowprints despite the barricades and lack of river lining. If you're using the rebels path be careful when navigating past the pushed fence at the bottom of Shouldice's end as it's a downward slope towards the river that will be thawing and refreezing this week. 

Frankly I'll probably send a note to 311. They should have known better not to have had these fences up still after the snow fell. With the level of traffic the hextall underpass has I'm surprised the fences lasted this long before being torn apart (literally, in the case of the one that was torn in three pieces). Even saw a nice old lady with her shivering puppy coming down the stairs past the pushed fences. Heh.


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FYI, Short gap in pathway clearing NW of ACH ...

Any day one can be on a bike commuting in winter weather is a good one!

Of note, a short section of new greenspace pathway, joining upper Montgomery west of Shagannapi to the west end of UofC campus and ACH on the east appears to be not yet on the City's map of pathways to be cleared. Judging by the tracks in the snow and observing fellow cyclists, its a short but well used and paved but uncleared connector. The section runs from two points on MacKay Rd to the new lights at the intersection of Shagannapi NW and the newly modified W Campus Dr. I suspect that at least some of us who use this now used to be the folks who sprinted across Shagannapi when there was only holes in the fencing.

I've put in a 311 request and hope that this will be attended to before winter really comes on.

Cheers, KZ


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Yesterday was certainly nice - was off work so didn't get to enjoy it on the bike.  Rode in today however and I was thinking how nice it was that the pathway was 99% bare and dry with only a few patches of ice from melting snowpiles.  Looks like that won't be the case for the rest of the week.  Still looks pretty reasonable though. I was surprised to see hardly anyone on the way in this morning, Edworthy to Downtown at 730 am.  Only saw 3 other cyclists until I got to the 10th Street bridge.