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How Was Your Ride Today? MONTH of SEPTEMBER 2018

Hey ya'll... September... "turning the corner" for sure as suddenly temps are dipping, leaves are falling, casual commuters are quickly dissapearing leaving the more hard cores, and people are as usual needing reminders about actually using lights....  

Lights being especially useful now when navigating the plethora of detours through darker paths or when sharing roadways with vehicles.  Not so mention during those first 15-20 mins when the sun is barely above the horizon and vehicle drivers can't always see the smaller cyclist (as compared to a vehicle).

Any predictions for...

- first complaint about no lights?  (oh, already done above)

- first complaint about too much light

- first snow / ice storm

- when Crowchild underpass will actually be open?

- when north side Bow will actually be fully open?


rant on poeple, rant on...  


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Was +1 out by the time I got to the office this morning... a bit chilly for shorts and fingerless gloves.  Looks warmer the next couple of days! Cool

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Yah its' these fall days where you can't decide if full gloves or even warm gloves are needed, but are packing fingerless for the afternoon commute.  Too many layers... or suffer the freezies... or pack way too much stuff home.

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no end in sight...

Sigh... construction season seems endless on our MUP system. 

when will it all end!!??

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With the first permanent snow fall of winter!

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good news

Have you noticed that the city is re-doing the path in front of the old CBC building? They removed all the trees there and seem to be building one very wide path. Wonder if it will be like the path under the Louise Bridge i.e. half pedestrian and half cyclists?

And the way they are chewing up the path just west of Crowchild, they will have to repave it (finally!)

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high hopes

I have high hopes for that entire area actually (the areas east and west of Crowchild underpass)  This is a great opportunity to fix and improve that whole section.  A section that sees considerable traffic and has a couple of awkward pinch points.  

It's been so long since I've been able to access Crowchild underpass however, that I can't totally remember how it was so when they evenutally get it done I will be overjoyed.  The entire operation is adding almost an hour (round trip) to my already a little too long commute!

I'm using Bow river pathway southside currently (crossing at Edworthy) but it is VERY busy (even to the point of being a little unsafe).  The pathway is in quite poor condition in places and once the snow falls it will probably get alot messier. :(


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Riding in this morning and

Riding in this morning and once I got to 17th Ave. SW (northbound on 5 Street), I started smelling this nasty smell.  I saw some brown gunk on the road, and at first I thought a garbage truck spilled something gross accidentally..  but then it kept going and going and going..  until I finally realized it must be that chemical de-icing compound the city puts down.  It STINKS!  I don't remember ever seeing that stuff last year... is it something new, or maybe I'm just forgetting?  Thoughts?

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Maybe it was a vac truck that lost its load Yell


Never smelled that before...

Was a nice morning to ride in.  Way home was a stiff north wind.  Glad to take the e-bike today!

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Threats of rain has chased me

Threats of rain has chased me back to the little hybrid bike with fenders. Such a comfortable little bike. Weather has been rather comfortable too all considering. 

Really looking forward to hearing from you e-bike users how they do in the winter. If you use them. 

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E-bike in winter

I've been fighting a cold all week so haven't pedaled in at all this week - tomorrow will be the first day.

I am planning to put studded tires on my e-bike and take it in winter as much as possible.  My main concern will be the salt destroying the drivetrain.