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Cycling Strategy - Pathway & Bikeway Plan Update (2017)


The first action item listed in the City of Calgary Cycling Strategy (2011) was to engage key stakeholders in creating a new Pathway and Bikeway Implementation Plan. The rationale for the update is described by the City of Calgary as follows.


"The Calgary Pathway and Bikeway Implementation Plan was initially developed in 2000 and is being updated to reflect change in our City. Many of the proposed pathways and bikeways from the initial plan have been built. Some of the proposed connections are obsolete because of changes to the road network or approved developments. New policies have been approved that impact the approved plan.

The updated plan will provide a proposed city-wide network of pathways and bikeways that will become the framework from which developers will use in order to seamlessly connect Calgarians to the places they want to go. It will also include a digital map that is easy to access and update."


The City has opened the initial public engagement portion of the update and is accepting online feedback until June 30th, 2017 at


Bike Calgary encourages all of our members to provide their feedback. There is a relatively short scripted survey to fill out. Perhaps more importantly, there are two maps that you can pin your comments to. The first map allows you to identify up to three destinations and comment on accessibility. The second map allows you to identify and comment on difficulties or barriers you may encounter within the network.


Bike Calgary is also interested to hear feedback from our members so that it can be incorporated into any ongoing dialogue our organization has with the City, so please feel free to add your comments to this forum.


Additional information on the Pathway and Bikeway plan can be found on the City website HERE.



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Coming Back From Achilles Rupture

About 7 weeks ago I ruptured my Achilles tendon.  In two more weeks I will be cleared to start physio, and can't wait to get back on my bike.

Just thought I'd post this here to see if anyone else has had this, and what their journey was like getting back on the bike.

Sorry for posting this here, but the website isn't allowing me to create new content in the forums for some reason.