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Dangerous rut in Fish Creek Pathway

Hit this rut, coming around the corner in fish creek on the west side, just exiting going up the big hill towards Anderson. I actually hit this going about 15 and hit the pavement pretty hard. 

I called 311, they called me back and said basically, not our problem, this is provinciai, i don't have a phone number look it up, bye. 

Does anyone know who to contact about this? I think I will go back with spray paint this week and mark it off so others don't get hurt it's pretty bad. 



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Provincial jurisdiction

The city has no jurisdiction on pathways in provincial parks (much in the same way that Calgary Roads department has no jurisdiction on Stoney Trail, a provincial highway), so please do call the Park office to report the dangerous pathway. It's too bad that the 311 operator was unable to provide you with a number or even call on your behalf - I am surprised they wouldn't have access to that.