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Feedback Opportunity - 9 Avenue SE - To February 21, 2018

The City of Calgary is conducting Phase 3 Engagement for the 9th Avenue SE Streetscape Master Plan, which is part of the Main Streets Initiative and aims to “To encourage a vibrant public realm, variety of retail and small business and increase local services”.

Image: City of Calgary 9th Avenue SE project page.

Online Engagement from February 7-21, 2018 at, where you can view and comment on the street composition, concept designs and other elements.

Please note that there are currently no cycling-specific accommodations, beyond shared space indicated in the Transit/Off-Peak Parking lane, planned as part of this corridor retrofit.

IMAGE: City of Calgary, 9th Avenue Engage Page Concept Design.

If you believe that there is value in also having safe and comfortable bicycle access to amenities along this corridor then definitely include that message in your comments. There are feedback boxes that allow you to state what you feel should be changed, removed or added.


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Calgary to Host 2019 Winter Cycling Congress

Bike Calgary is pleased to announce that Calgary has been awarded the 2019 Winter Cycling Congress to be held in February, 2019. The conference, which is coming to Canada for the third time, will bring 400 to 500 delegates from around the world to Calgary and area. The main goal of the conference is to create opportunities to help cities around the world learn what it takes to develop, implement, and maintain bicycle-focused transportation systems year round.

Bike Calgary was pleased to support the bid, partnering with the Town of Banff, the Town of Canmore, the City of Calgary, and the University of Calgary.

Bike Calgary is a non-profit cycling advocacy group with over 2,900 members. For the past 5 years, Bike Calgary has hosted Winter Bike to Work Day with the support of local partners. We continue to provide feedback and work with the Transportation Planning Department, Parks and Roads to advocate for improved snow clearing and route maintenance in Calgary. Many of our members will participate and be involved in the organization of the conference.

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Feedback Opportunity - Parks and Pathways Bylaw - to Feb 28, 2018

The City of Calgary is conducting engagement on revisions to the Parks and Pathway Bylaw 20M2003 from now until February 28, 2018 at

IMAGE: Bike Calgary.

The pathway network is an integral component of Calgary’s cycling network with much of the 850 km of pathways and 95 km of trails being essential bicycle travel corridors and/or offering valued recreational riding opportunities.

For cycling, the engagement asks about things like:

  • Ability to use e-bikes
  • Whether pathway speed limits are acceptable for commuting
  • Safety concerns due to cyclist and/or pedestrian behaviour
  • Types of pathways you would use for year-round use

Please take a few moments to fill out the City’s short survey!

Note, the survey states specifically that matters not regulated by the Parks and Pathway Bylaw are outside the scope of the review.


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Winter Bike to Work Day Photo Contest!

Bike Calgary is having a photo conest! Post a photo of winter biking to social media (Twitter, Facebook), tag Bike Calgary and use #WinterBikeToWorkDay.

Good Life Bike Shop

Everyone who posts will be entered into a draw to win one of two prizes from Bike Calgary's WBTWD sponsors: Lifesport and The Good Life Community Bike Shop.

Lifesport Goody Bag

Contests closes on Tuesday February 13. Winners will be announced on the Bike Calgary website.

Happy winter biking!

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Cycling Strategy Update (2018) - Plan Design & Build

On 18-Dec-2017 (minutes link), Council approved Administration’s recommendation (link) for the annual Cycling Strategy review be presented to the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit no later than Q1-2018, to coincide with the reports on the;

Bike Calgary expects both cycling-related reports will come up for discussion as soon as early February and plans to address Committee on each of the three Pillars of the Cycling Strategy.

Above: Cycling Strategy. Figure E.1.1: Pillars of a bicycle-friendly city.

This post aims to raise awareness among Bike Calgary members in terms of the City’s progress to achieving targets within the “Plan, design and build” Pillar, including;

  • Adding more bike lanes and separated bike lanes, and

  • Developing (updating) the city-wide pathway and bikeway implementation plan.

Though the Cycling Strategy focus is on-street bikeways, a discussion around pathways is also necessary, particularly roadway corridor ‘boulevard pathways’ as these are widespread, retained in Complete Streets and incorporated into future projects, including;


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Bridge Closure - Crowchild Trail Pathway Bow River Crossing

Please be advised, beginning November 6th and extending until Spring, 2018, the City will be closing the pathway bridge beneath Crowchild Trail to accommodate work on Crowchild Trail as part of the short-term Crowchild Trail Corridor upgrades (



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Pathway Closure: Glenmore Dam (September 30, 2017 to Spring 2020)

Please note that the dam deck crossing over the Glenmore Reservoir will be closed from September 30, 2017 to spring 2020 for dam deck redesign and rehabilitation, meaning that the associated pathway will be inaccessible during this time. The City has posted the following as the recommended pathway detour:


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Pathway Detours - West Eau Claire (05-Sep to End 2017)

The City of Calgary is establishing pathway detours for Phase 2 of construction through the Eau Claire area as part of West Eau Claire Park ( starting Tuesday, September 5th and going to the end of the year. The City is asking that, ‘given the limited space for travel and the high volumes of people walking through the area, people cycling use alternate routes around the construction site’. Suggested detours are outlined on the map below;


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Press Release - Education Campaign Key to Reducing Bike Thefts Says Bike Calgary

Bike Calgary and the City of Calgary have created an education campaign to reduce bike theft by improving bike lock-up behaviors.  While leading a bike theft task force, Darren Mazzei, the Vice-President of Bike Calgary, had the idea to create a graphic sticker depicting bike locking techniques and decal city-owned bike racks. Mazzei approached the City of Calgary to bring the idea to reality and three months later 1000 stickers have been printed and are ready to be installed.

The simple graphic depicts three possible ways to lock your bicycle and a website link to get additional information. Local artist, Tyler Lemermeyer, produced the illustrations, Bike Calgary volunteers designed the sticker and City of Calgary Roads Maintenance provided permission to put the stickers on the bike racks. “The project came to together very smoothly. The City said yes to put the stickers on the racks and I think Tyler made some beautiful illustrations,” stated Mazzei.