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How was your ride today? The week of July 31, 2017.....

Still a little bit smokey.....


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Saw a crash last night

Or, more specifically, the remnants of one.  Three cyclists, three police cars, under the 14th Street Bridge north side of river.

Anybody know what happened?

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On the pathway?

The crash was on the pathway under the bridge? Maybe someone tried to pass on the blind corner? As we all know, the sight lines beneath all those bridges can be pretty poor. Hopefully the story gets out so that, if there's any corrective action to be done to create a safer environment, it can be pursued and hopefully people are okay or recover.

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Blind Corner caused it?

That was the first thought that came to my mind as well.  I don't think that there really is anything that can be done there to fix that, short of producing a major pathway realignment. 

The other thing I was thinking about is the fact that even though people can see that that is a really awkward/dangerous corner (even if they didn't see the signs that say "BLIND CORNER"), they still take the risk and pass there.  They must not be as pain averse as I am.  I think that even if you painted big black and yellow stripes the whole vertical distance of the walls there, people would take the risk anyways.

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People do take risks and I've seen a lot of risky passing under the same bridge on the south side, where I believe there is a sign. I do recall having one experience though where a child had wandered into the oncoming side of the path. I came around the corner totally not expecting it, but wasn't going too fast so as not to be able to stop well in advance. Still, it always sits with me as a reminder than the unexpected can happen.

I also agree that realigning the pathway would entail a significant rebuild in this area. My hope is that, in planning future bike infrastructure (or infrastructure that accommodates bikes) such considerations are made. This includes considering how the pathway alignments fit with the road network and adjusting each at the planning stage to make sure the needs of all users are balanced in a cost-effective manner (i.e. not just shoehorning in pathways after the fact).

In this case, it may be more a matter of planning for the future, as these areas of pathway are lifecycled. After all, I don't see the pathways becoming less busy as the City grows and densifies.

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The pathway under 17 Ave SE /

The pathway under 17 Ave SE / Blackfoot Tr is also an issue.  It would have been nice to get that one widened during the BRT construction since it's too narrow.  The pathway under the suspension bridge by the zoo on the north side is narrow too.  (And thanks for all your hard work blarck!).


At 14 St NW it'd be pretty easy to use gabions and take the pedestrian pathway down on the riverbank below the existing pathway.  The bike counters have had over 3000 bikes then add pedestrians.  Wouldn't be that significant, but it have to have gentle gradients, start at the east pathway down from the Mewata Bridge, up ~40m west of bridge, and they'd lose some trees on the west side and it'd have to be designed low enough to flood once in a while for sufficient freeboard(?).  Parks capital budget seems better than Livable streets capital budget.

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Is this the crash you saw? 

It was between two cyclists under the memorial and 14th street bridge on the north side of the river around 4:30PM yesterday. 
The fellow on the Cinelli fixie tried to pass the inline skater by crossing the double yellow into oncoming traffic and was unable to stop in time after seeing the mountain bike. No gore in the link, but some exclaims of pain. Think he was treated for a broken wrist, and seemed it was likely his first broken bone (based on reaction, not sure). Lesson learned?

Some more folks were behind on the other side and called 911 pretty much 10 seconds after this clip. There was an ambulance behind where I was coming from with some cop cars who were tending a different incident. They called in a van to pick up the bikes though.
The lady on the inline skates hit the bridge pretty hard avoiding them too, but she claimed to be okay. Luckily turned out she was also a nurse. 


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Yes, this underpass can be deadly.  Will make me be extra careful going under there from now on!  What makes it worse it worse is that as you are heading west and come out from under 14th, there is a slight hill which can hide people travelling east.  And I remember last year I saw what looked like a city-run summer program for kids with people riding skateboards down the off ramp onto the path!

What concerns me the most is that none of the people involved in this accident had helmets or other safety gear.  I'm seeing a lot of that with the casual riders these days.

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The fellow closer to the

The fellow closer to the bridge coming from the opposite direction on the mountain bike did have a helmet on. The visor was quite damaged and nearly torn off from hitting the concrete bridge foundation. But I'd say speed was more of an injury factor than lack of helmet and both parties injuries were elsewhere (wrist, leg and lower back). Definitely good the one fellow had one - I didn't see how hard he hit the bridge with the helmet. 

Crossing on the south side seems like it might have less blind corners. There is one I can think of, but maybe not as bad as this location. 

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thanks for the clarification

Tough to see in the video clip  :-)   But I too am glad the mountain biker had the helmet on - could have saved them from a lot more serious injuries.

I wonder, would the police press charges against the roadie for an unsafe pass?  Just adds insult to injury for him.

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Yep, those are the guys

that I saw.  When I went by, the one guy was standing and the other one was sitting by the bridge and he looked to be in a lot of pain....

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Thanks for posting!