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How Was Your Ride Today? Week of August 14, 2017

One last hurrah for the mid-to-high 20s this week. Following week drops to low-to-mid. 

Enjoy it while you can!

Today I entered Eau Claire during the noon rush once again. It seems I forget every other week to avoid it during lunch hour since it slows to a crawl. Looked like the construction crew was getting ready to lay some asphalt for the new lanes though.


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getting quieter in the early mornings

Now that darkness has again fallen on my 5:15 AM ride, things have really gotten quiet on the Edworthy-to-downtown path.  I find I am rarely seeing anyone on the paths now, ninja joggers included!

I am still occasionally encountering the long line of young people riding along the path in the afternoons (City summer programs?) but otherwise, it is normal.

Just hoping the forest fire smoke stays away the rest of the week (although I see it is suppose to be a rating of 4 today and 5 tomorrow - out comes the mask!)    Tongue out

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I've just got back to riding after several weeks of holiday out of the country.  Nice to see that the weather is still holding up just great.  I'm not sure if it's the remnants of a cold I had last week, but man I've had a bad cough the last couple of days.  I wonder if wheezing in all the smoke is contributing to that.  Still a great summer for riding!

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Back in the saddle

I haven't commuted to work since April 2016 due to a complicated pregnancy and subsequent maternity leave. I sure have missed it! Looking forward to cycling to and from work as much as I can in the coming months.

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Fox Hollow

This may be old news, but the pathway between Fox Hollow golf course and Deerfoot hsa been re-paved and is reopened. It was very nice this morning.

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Great, except for the

Great, except for the unexpected pathway closures along the Elbow River - underneath Elbow Drive - and again this afternoon between Rideau Park and Stanley Park.  No signage that I saw... super annoying.  

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dumb hares

Can someone please tells all the hares to not congregate right beside the bike path and then scamper in front of cyclists as they approach? Undecided

Seems to be a large number of them on the north path between Edworthy and Crowchild Tr. in the early mornings.  Are they braver now that it is so dark at that time?  Or just having to get out early to eat and build up the winter fat?