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How was your ride today? Week of March 13, 2017

Those pathways are deadly (at least in the morning). There was no end to the ice on the Nose Creek pathways. I was riding on grass and walking my bike quite a bit. There are also puddles with thin or breaking ice between 16th Ave and downtown that are about 6 inches deep.

It's an adventure out there, my hard biking amigos. Go slow and be ready to walk.


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Icy but nice

It's been a treat to de-layer this week, except Monday AM... coming in from Edworthy to downtown has been icy in the mornings, happy to have the studs.  There are a few huge lakes along Parkdale Blvd that are not frozen all the way through in the mornings, like you said, breaking through ice...could be sketchy if you're going too fast.

I enjoyed the after work ride in shorts yesterday and will again today!

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That was indeed quite the

That was indeed quite the experience riding in early this morning. Did not realize that after crossing those deep puddles that my rims iced up after, discovered that as I went to brake before heading down that little hill before 16th avenue on northbound Nose Creek and realized my pads were sliding on ice. Just rode the bike into the snowbank on the side of the hill to stop. Walked/slid down the rest of that hill before continuing on.

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Overall a good ride in this morning, but went down for my once a year spill.  On a downhill the road went from "be careful it is a bit slick" to ice.  I had a couple front and back tire drifts and new I was going down so was prepared.  Hit the pavement ice, saw some sparks from my handlebar scrapping, then got right back up and out of the way just in case the cars behind me could not stop.  Walked down the rest of the hil on the sidewalk and the rest of the ride was fine.  


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I also went down today. Saw a

I also went down today. Saw a runner that had fallen in front of me so started to slow down but not fast enough and then went down pretty hard. wrist/tumb is quite sore so may have to go get it checked out. The runner was in worse shape as had to call 911 as she thought her arm was broken

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Me three

I was looking waaay ahead of where I was because I thought there might be some ice in one spot (hidden under the stupid snow!) and I saw a skid mark where someone had gone down.  So I started to gently turn off the path and onto the grass, but TOO LATE!  Spinning fall, by the time I hit the ground I was going backwards : 8/10 points for creativity!  I landed on my backpack, so no bruises.  For those who know the area - it was the MUP on the top of the escarpment by the top of Home Road.


#4 & #5 : My boss crashed under the 10th street bridge.  Big bruise on his hip and a nasty scrape on his leg.  He was turning to avoid hitting his wife who had crashed in front of him.  He said that there was someone else there that was being attended to by paramedics.

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Me Six

I also went down at the top of Home Road.  I had already slowed down quite a ways and was heading for the grass section, but rear wheels just slid from under me.  wrist is bruised and a little sore.  

This winter's been tough, last big dump of snow I went down and pulled a muscle on my left arm that's still slowly healing and today my right wrist.  Spring can't come soon enough.

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I went down on the southside of the MUP near the greyhound terminal. AFter that fall i saw several places where it looked like others had fallen as well...especially under overpasses

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Sandy Beach switchbacks

were an icy mess this morning - chunks mixed with smooth sheets. But I carefully picked my way through without a crash. Studs helped!

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Sorry to hear of all the falls today.  I took my bike fall last week and am still hurting from it (sprained wrist and hurt both shoulders), so I am stepping awfully carefully these days.  I did a lot of bushwackng this morning (figurng even grass poking through the ice has more grip than just the ice). My 45Nrth studded tires aren't studded down the center, so sheer ice is still a little dicy.

The ride in on Nose Creek MUP from the north wasn't bad til abotu 16th Ave, and then it all went to hell.  16th Ave to St Patrick's island is a mess.

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Thursday. Was it the ice, or the snow?

I had to cross plenty of ice Thursday morning, and today, but I do my ride around 6-6:30 and thus beat yesterdays snow.

After reading about all the falls, I'm glad I watched it come down from the office window.