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Night light

Hi.  I will start riding at night.  What light do you recommend?  I'd like the best value (efficient and affordable). 




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night light 2

depends if you're talking commuting on city streets, commuting on paths, road riding, mountain or fat biking, if you want to SEE or just be SEEN.  So in short you need to expand on your question before anyone will bite.

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I'll bite!

With an all-rounder.

You'll also need a rear red light, here's another all-rounder.

It's legally required to have a white light in front and red in the back if riding after dark, and I'd recommend keeping them on their "solid" settings. If you want a blinky, I'd recommend using two lights. IE, a solid red attached to your bike and a blinky red attached to your bag or helmet.

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Illegal to not have lights?

Hi there,


New to biking. Where does one but these lights that are required? (As cheap as possible)


Thank you!

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Go with the quattro

I started as cheap as possible, and worked my way up through slightly more expensive lights, and my favourite is the quattro on the front ($23) and they had a similar usb light for the rear at about $10.

They are bright enough to do the job well enough even in pitch black, they have internal batteries that you recharge through a usb connection (so I plugged mine in at work) so no paying for batteries either!

If you do get these, keep them charged over the summer, if they are left idle without a full charge the batteries die.

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I use 2 Quattro's, one on my handlebars and one on my helmet(the stretchy strap works great through a helmet vent) to point at inattentive drivers/pedestrians.  They aren't "virtual sun" bright, but they are good enough to ride through an unlit park.

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That's good value

A 480 lumen light for $60 is an awesome deal!

I'd buy two!  But I'm a 'geer and we like that N+1 reliability thing.

Really, though, I have two 550 lumen lights and I find that I like to have them both on at the same time if I am in a dark spot on the paths.

I can't believe that in pre-LED times which wasn't too long ago, I used to ride around with a crappy little incandescent lamp, one you couldn't even read under!

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and a ridiculously heavy gel-cell

The combined evolution of lights and their power sources has been the source of much happiness over the past few years.