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Bikes for breakfast at CBC

  Hey bike commuters from the NW, how about an impromptu Bikes For Breakfast encounter at the CBC tomorrow? Right off the Bow River pathway, CBC is holding a pancake breakfast from 7:00 to 9:00 on Thursday July 2nd. Why not take a few moments and stop in to say hi and grab a bite? We'll be there with helmets (not cowboy hats) on.


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I'll see you there. Stampede

I'll see you there.
Stampede breakfasts are the best part of the year.

Free breakfast, can't go wrong.

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D'oH!!! I saw the Sign

D'oH!!! I saw the Sign yesterday and I thought it was Friday morning... Man I would have been hungry. If there are any other pancake breakfasts that get the bike helmet treatment keep me posted.