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Bike to Work Day - Friday, May 7!

It's that time of year again - Bike to Work Day! The last vestiges of any excuse you have for not riding to work are whisked away by this, a municipally-sanctioned day especially for you, the bicycle commuter. From the Facebook page: Calgary’s Bike to Work Day is presented by Balbi & Company Legal Centre each year to provide a fun way for you, your friends and colleagues to join in cycling to work! Bike to Work Day encourages Calgarians to be environmentally conscious and promotes the use of a bicycle as a viable, alternative mode of transportation. Bike to Work Day is supported by the City of Calgary and is run as a non-profit endeavour. The Bike to Work Day event promotes cycling as a healthy, efficient, convenient, low-cost means of transport which contributes to a reduction of inner city traffic congestion and pollution. The Pit Stops are in their usual spots on the main routes into downtown: [zoom out a bit to see all the pit stops] "Bike Doctors" will be there to check your bike [or bent] and hand out bags of biking goodies. The FREE pancake breakfast at Eau Claire runs from 6:30 - 9:00 a.m. [for the first 500 people], and features food, coffee and a bike giveaway! Best make some room in that pannier just in case...


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what would it take to expand this?

I've been thinking this is still bike to downtown day. I bike to work but I'm not going to make a 30km detour just to be part of bike to work day. I'm willing to volunteer to help with another Pit Stop on the east side of the city if other people are.

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Bike to Downtown Day.

Yup, that's what I see. As I'm on the West side (live SW, work NW), I don't see myself detouring down town to visit a Pit Stop.

And I agree, this is where you'll see the most people so for bicycle commuting awareness they aren't bad spots although for awareness I would have put someone out on the pathways on the East and West side, further out.

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The problem with that, is a

The problem with that, is a chicken and egg situation.

Why are there fewer bikes on other parts of the pathway? Well, there are no good connections. Why don't we put in better connections? Not enough bikes are using those pathways, and around and around we go....

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I like your comment

" .... but I don't think the sponsor has enough resources ro make it truly city wide." How true ...... isn't it SUPPORTED by the City of Calgary ? You crack me up PinkRobe !

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"The Count"

I have counted at the 8th and 8th location for the last 2 years. If I remember correctly, the numbers were around 200 riders there. The pathway by the river sees waaaay more!

I will let the organizers know that we should do a count this year as well. I will suggest that we do it by time as well because that is interesting.


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Thank you for the recommendations

Good Morning,

I am one of the event organizers of this year’s Bike to Work Day event. Thank you for all of the recommendations! We will definitely count the number of cyclists that stop at each Energy Pit Stop Station this year.

We would love to have Pit Stop Stations set up around the entire city to reach more cyclist. As our non profit event continues to grow and more sponsors get on board we will be able to increase the number of Energy Pit Stop Stations we set up. This year, we have six Energy Pit Stop Stations set up around the downtown core.

We truly believe this year’s event will be bigger and better than ever before! For instance, everyone who commutes to Eau Claire Market on Friday, May 7, 2010 will have a chance to win a FREE bike courtesy of The Bike Shop. They will also receive FREE Starbucks coffee and a free pancake breakfast. I hope to see you out on the pathways NEXT Friday!


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Maybe I'll have to take a longer route into the office and swing downtown to get counted before heading back into the office.

I suspect weather will be my guide on this one and likely the weather will dramatically change your numbers as well.

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pit stops

Hello Bike to work day

I haven't stopped before at any of the "bike to work day" locations. I looked at your website and I can see that there are six "energy pit stops". However on the map only the Eau Claire location has a knife and fork symbol and the text "Eau Claire Pancake breakfast" . My question is does each of the pitstops have a breakfast or just the Eau Claire location?

Thanks for setting up this sure to be fun event.

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Good question!

Good question! The actual Bike to Work Day breakfast will take place at Eau Claire Market between 6:30 – 9:00 a.m. on the morning of the event.

Volunteers at Energy Pit Stop Stations will handing out: water and organic bars and other bike giveaways to commuters. As well, Bike mechanics will also be onsite at all of the Energy Pit Stop Stations from 6:00 a.m. –9:00 a.m. providing FREE bicycle tune-ups to commuters!

Also, BikeBike Inc., Ridley’s Cycle, Power in Motion, The Cyclepath, The Bike Shop and Bow Cycle have are all generously donated bikes for the Bike to Work Day event. Tune into Breakfast TV the week leading up to the event for a chance to WIN a new bike from one of our awesome bike shop sponsors!


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Do you want to win a new bike?

Do you want to win a new bike?

We are happy to announce that TWO lucky commuters will now win FREE BIKES at the Bike to Work Day breakfast this Friday. Also, a third commuter will take home a handy Weather Alert Radio by filling out a Bike to Work Day raffle form at the breakfast.

We hope to see you there!

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Hit black ice this morning...

The intersection looked wet...landed on both knees at good speed on the most perfect pebbled ice in some pain and likely not able to pedal tomorrow. There`s a haiku in there somewhere. Plus some irony, I guess. :P


"Come to kindly terms with your ass, for it bears you" - John Muir

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Started to self-medicate at the Ship that afternoon with a couple of pints. Too bad I seized up so bad I could barely walk out (and NOT from the beer).

I do have to say, I just heard about a pain medicine gel called Voltaren that`s working wonders on these old joints.


"Come to kindly terms with your ass, for it bears you" - John Muir

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Wonder drug of the year!!

I've bought about 6 tubes of the stuff since February when I cranked my knee skiing down in Mt Baker WA.

I used it last summer quite often to fight the strains in my neck & arms that I would get from jumping my bike....

I have 2 tubes at home and 2 at the office!

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Great job by the orgnaizers and volunteers, thanks to all. That was fun and very yummy. I had 2 large pancakes, coffee and the cup o'yogurt thingy...all great. Had my camera and took a couple of pics too.

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I buy

Water bottles every year or so. I check out the new stuff and buy a bottle or 2. I've tried the insulated ones, regular ones, twist cap etc. I end up with a favorite for awhile but then find something new.

I only ever put water in mine so they don't get skunky. I used to mix OJ and water together but if you leave that in the bottles for awhile it goes bad and I could never get that out the bottle so I'd chuck it.

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Today was a good day to celebrate being a bike commuter. By volunteering at the Langevin Bridge station, I got to meet all kinds of interesting people riding bikes. And they were as different as the bikes they rode.

One thing that surprised me was the number of people riding mountain bikes (even full-suspension bikes) with fat tires, and telling me that their commute is 20km or more! People, do yourself a favour and get yourself a hybrid, or an old cheap road bike, or even just put skinnier high-pressures on your bike!

I also saw lots of examples of too-small or too-big bikes, but of course people get used to what they're riding and fail to notice that they have a bad fit.

There were many cross- and road-bikes in use though, with the Jake (and variants) a very popular choice. Some of these riders are commuting 30 km (I spoke to two coming in from Lake Bonavista and one from Cranston), so they can save serious time and energy with this type of bike.

At the Langevin Bridge station, I counted 175 riders, with lots more visible across the river. I was told that there were well over 1000 at the 9A St LRT bridge station. If you were at the Eau Claire pancake breakfast, how many were there?

Now, on to the next event, the Bike To Beer Day later this afternoon!


'ride' at ''
Bicycles aren't obstructing traffic, they're part of traffic

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Thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers that put on Bike to Work Day. Also, thanks to all the media that came out to cover it. Hopefully it shows that cycle commuting is a real alternative for the general population...not just the hardcores.

As far as Ride's comments about bike types...

The odd afternoon I've sat at the 10th St bridge waiting to meet friends and I always get a kick out of the unique bikes people commute on. Personally I'm looking forward to getting on some skinny 700C's this summer but right now I'm on an old mountain bike with a nice light set of low profile 26x2.0's mounted on decently light wheels. I find the extra volume is nice when the pathway gets bumpy. I also find that having a lighter weight wheel and low profile tire is fairly efficient on a mountain bike. Okay, so it's not as efficient as a road bike but I get a better workout and am not as tempted to amp up the speed too much.

In the past I tried 26x1.0 slicks but I found the low profile (decreased wheel diameter) and low volume made the ride annoyingly bumpy...something I don't notice on the larger diameter 700C's.

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Great to see a school class at the Breakfast

I took a vacation day today and unlike last year where I rushed down, ate hurredly and headed back up to the airport for work. This year I rode downtown leisurely, hung around, toured downtown and then headed back home for 10AM and to start my honey-do list.
My observations:
1. Huge thank-you to all the participants, volunteers and organizers. Great event again!
2. I have only ridden downtown during rush hour a couple of times. I am amazed at the speeds that are attained on the pathways. On my commute along Country Hills Blvd., I ride liesurely and when I do see another cyclist I will pick up the pace and "race." Biking downtown today, it was similar for me to being on the Deerfoot, but on bikes.
3. Lots of "unfreindly" cyclists. "Hi," is not that difficult to say is it? I am just acknowledging that it is a great day.
4. A grade 7 class took a feild trip to the breakfast. It would be great if more schools did this. Maybe this day could be expanded to Bike to Work / School Day?

All in all a good day, except I missed the beers. Oh well, I finished some of my list and had stopped for beer at about 4 and raised a mug to those of you that were gathering.
Have a good weekend!

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In solidarity in Vancouver (the flowers smell great)

Rode the folder 18 kms from east commercial to my meeting on the north shore this morning the sun was out and so were the bike commuters! OMG there are a lot bike riders here! The on street lanes are great the bike boxes work and the city is beginning to embrace bike culture. The lions gate bridge is interesting commuter challenge but the wind was low and the view amazing. Miss the pathways and my nature commute but sharing the road with a pack of 20 morning commuters is quite a trip and you feel like you are part of something here. Sounds like despite the weather the bike to work day was another success in Calgary,