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New stud in the stable

Got a new horse to go with my other rides. Loving this thing. Very enjoyable.


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ok, I'm so stupid I was

ok, I'm so stupid I was actually looking for a horse!! hah, but that is pretty, like the whitewalls.

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funny lookin' road bike?
or is it a MTB just off a diet?

either way, nice new ride!

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heh heh... horse. funny

Its a single speed by Specialized. They came out with a whole bunch of them. Reasonably priced too. At that big bike shop on 11th. Between $600 -$1200 on avg. All types of designs and colors. Some beauties for sure but this one got me the most. Its a track bike design with the single speed overhaul. Put the upright handlebars on it instead of drops. Much better I think. My Bohemia Blog

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New Stud

That bike looks very nice and very fast!

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data lost?

Looks like many pictures were lost off the database? I cant see anyones rides anymore.