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Health benefits of cycling

Discovery News has a story about the health benefits of cycling, citing a study that shows that the improved longevity of individuals that take up cycling for transportation far outweighs any reduced longevity from air pollution or accidents. Of course, these benefits are spread over a large population. For specific individuals, the results may be different.


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a study done in the UK showed that at the end of WWII people were substantially healther than at the start of WWII (and much healthier than now).

1) War Time Rations were much healther although rather plain. Lots of veggies.

2) Home guard - regular exercise.

Haven't seen anything (but then haven't looked) with respect to similar studies in North America but I'm sure they are similar.

Sorry, has nothing to do with cycling other than during WWII with gas being rationed more people cycled and part of cycling does have to do with health improvements.

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Bias Choice

I'm happy to see these results. But I'd love to see a study done in a country or city that isn't one of the most bike friends countries in the world. I'm sure some of the results may be different, to a degree.