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Headlights down please!

Some of us have quite fancy multi-Watt headlights these days. And boy, they are powerful! So please keep them shinning down rather than straight up. You are not in the middle of unknown / nowhere nor taking part in 24-h adrenaline race so you most likely know your path well and you are familiar with it. Do you really then need to blind another cyclist coming from the other direction?


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Yep have meself one bright light... in large part due to discussions here, when I'm on the MUP I now turn it as to as low light setting as possible, and angle it down somewhat. Hope that helps.

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Just like driving at night

I dim my light for oncoming traffic on the path. Usually only meet one cyclist on the way in.

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I just thought I should remind some of us of it. I meet several guys on my way with quite strong beams. One in particular stands out all right with triple lens at the bar level and with one on his helmet plus blinking here and blinking there...

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"don't beam me bro"

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TSA weirdness and By-Law

Yes, I have read rhat part of the TSA! I really wonder what happened that made them write that bit about a maximum of 2 lights into law!

So I checked the City Bylaw, because I was really curious....


44. A Bicycle operated on a Pathway, or Trail shall be equipped with:

(a) at least one (1) working brake;
(b) a horn, bell or other signaling device; and
(c) if operated during the period beginning one half hour (1/2) after sunset and ending one half hour (1/2) before sunrise;
(i) at least one (1) functioning headlamp with a lens and bulb which are clear in
(ii) at least one (1) functioning red tail lamp which is capable of emitting a flashing or steady mode; and
(iii) at least one (1) red reflector mounted at the rear.

Soooooo, you get a $50 fine for not "being equipped" and a $100 fine if you don't "activate" your lights and reflector after/before twilight.

Anybody know how to activate a reflector?

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"Anybody know how to activate a reflector?"

Wipe the mud off, I guess. ;-)

I think the two-light limit was created to block the use of off-road spot-light arrays (such as can be found on pickup-trucks).

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is a light and a reflector...