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Calgary 311 Online?

A recent post by pinkrobe included a hyperlink to online submissions for Calgary 311. I didn't even realize you could submit 311 requests online, but it was way more convenient for me than sitting on hold on the phone each time. (Thanks pinkrobe.)

But I can't figure out how to submit a snow removal request for bikelanes or pathways using the online form that pinkrobe provided:

Instead, I used this form, but I am not sure it is correct either:

I see you can also email:
[email protected]

Is anyone using these e-methods? Seems really convenient, if you can figure them out. It also seems like something each of us can easily do, assuming that since we are using this forum, we must be comfortable with computers.


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There used to be a "complain

There used to be a "complain about sidewalk not cleared of snow" option, too. Perhaps they removed the snow-related options for the season and forgot to enable them again? Or they disabled them because too many people request snow removal otherwise?

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the city takes 311 seriously

I work for the city and they take 311 seriously so much so that directors compare time it takes to answer 311 calls and issues and use them as a badge of honor for success.
So please understand that some 311 requests take longer but they are logged.

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System Glitch??

I just now got another email indicating confirmation of my request (for snow clearing of bike lanes along 26 Ave SW) however the request number was different than the one I got on Friday, my initial request. I did a status check of this new number it says that "Info provided does not match any service request records". So I then checked my service request number from Friday and it now states that it is "Closed". So it seems to me that my request no longer exists. I put in another for this same service but also pointed out (nicely) this "glitch".

Perhaps while typing all this they've been out clearing the bike lanes. That would be a welcome sight on my ride home.

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My guess...

is that they missed your requests amongst all the important offers of v1agra, c1alis, and offers to make $5000 a week working from home.

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311 Callback

I had logged some concerns to 311 recently and I got a personal call back from the Parks & Rec manager / foreman that runs the MUP clearing team. How's that for service!

Mind you, I didn't attempt to track my issue or use the email hyperlinks or ticket IDs and what have you, so I don't know if they worked or not.

Regarding the issues I logged into 311 online, I didn't really get what I wanted but getting access to the person that governs the area that my concerns related to was great. I got to bring up my issue(s), additional areas of concern and in return got to understand their service structure, constraints, etc. In the end it makes for better aligned expectations. Oh, and I made sure to also enthusiastically thank them for their efforts. Bike Karma!

Specifically I had two concerns: 1) about the sewer construction & detour of the Nose Creek pathway @ 36th Ave, 2) their pathway clearing service so far this winter on the Nose Creek pathway.

For #1, I had suggested that their on-street detour (6th St. NE) of the pathway construction zone needed plowing to be an effective detour. He effectively said that they don't have that level of coordination with the Roads dept ("we can't do that"), and it isn't a priority route. OK, long shot but thought I'd try. But he did say that they're putting in a new bike-specific pathway detour this week to connect around the construction. That's good, but couldn't that have been planned & constructed BEFORE the pathway was removed (and why wait until 6 weeks after removal?!).

For my second concern regarding clearing, he said that the same schedule and same crew is doing the clearing this year so there haven't been any change to the service level. His team is three people for all the pathways' clearing in the whole city (I thought there'd be more). And he says they have more pathway to clear this year...for my money, that would explain my perceived change in responsiveness. I also got a plug in for scheduling in more clearing when it is windy, as this NE pathway is very bad for drifting snow.

Anyway, that's my recent 311 experience. I didn't really get what I wanted, but I was heard. It also confirms to me that the City's treatment of cycling is siloed into various departments and that can create gaps, as other have noted as well. But I think if we're still politely bringing forth our concerns, perhaps inter-department coordination could occur. Here's wishing!