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Shovelling Bee

With the latest dump of the white stuff courtesy of Mother Nature it is time for another shovelling bee to tackle the section of path between the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and the Bonnybrook bridge. I have already received a couple of inquiries from other cyclists offering to help and I am looking for others to assist.

I am thinking either next Saturday or Sunday to schedule the bee, depending on availability. Starting south from Bonnybrook bridge, we shovel our way north to the Walker house at the south end of the sanctuary. It takes one person about six hours to shovel that length of path, so the more volunteers the quicker it will be completed and the sooner we can start cycling.

If interested, either post here or contact me at tringa (at) telus (d0t) net.



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I rode that section on Friday (long, long way home from work). Thanks for your shoveling!!! I rode from downtown along the Bow to Fish Creek Park, through Fish Creek Park, north on the 37th Street path and then along the Glenmore Reservoir to 14th Street and Heritage Drive SW, near my home. My normal ride is along the Elbow River.

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Call the media

You might wish to inform the media about this as I suspect they might have an interest. It would be great to get some exposure about bike commuting and this organization, as well as showcase the dedication by some of you folks.

It is also impressive how quickly the City can change its policies when it gets bad press like this! ;-)

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so you're the super hero

so you're the super hero who's been doing this all winter! thanks! i work this weekend but i may be able to help for a bit once you settle on a time and day. next weekend is open for me too if we get more snow...

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i'll write an article

If you cannot get any media attention (and even if you do!), I'd be happy to write something up. I can post it on our blog (1000+ hits a month) and our BikeBike Facebook fanpage with a link to Twitter.

All I need is the real name of the person who spearheaded this initiative, as well as the names of the others who have helped. Oh ya, a few pictures would be great, including photos of you guys in action, the pathway before/after maybe, and a group shot?


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Want to help

I am willing to pitch in, it's not my route at all but just for the commraderie and good karma etc. However I'm having difficulties picturing exactly where this is.

So, Bow river trail...Say I'm standing and looking at the building that is the bird sanctuary (theres a parking lot I believe) in an easterly direction towards the river - is the starting spot at my left or my right. At that position (looking at bird sanctuary building) will I be able to spot the shoveling party easily?

Or am I completely confused?

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The other east

If you exit to the east Ogden Road @ 42 Ave SE by Friendly Earth Bldg Products and then head to the SE corner of the parking lot the parallels Ogden Rd.

I'll be there at 9.

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The snow had been piling up

The snow had been piling up on the deck of Edworthy Park pedestrian bridge, making it really nasty and rutted with snow, ice and slush. I found the best way to get action on it was through Twitter... by sending photos and an update to the aldermen involved (@druhfarrell, @aldjohnmar, & @bpincott). It has now been cleared and I've been told that the Roads Dept. and Parks are going to sit down to discuss who is responsible for ongoing snow clearance of this important link across the rivier for year-round cyclists, pedestrians and park users. Great work City of Calgary!

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Thanks Grady

The warmth last week really brought out the ruts on that bridge. Too bad it was frozen again when the did the clearing. The new line around the corner at the south end will take a bit of getting used to.


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Thanks Oggie, without your idea this we would still be fighting the drifts.

Also a huge thanks to the new city council, less fighting and more getting issues resolved. I'll be sending a thank you email to Gian-Carlo Carra, he said he would get it done and he did just that.