What type of cyclist are you? (See 1st comment for definitions)

Strong and fearless
23% (65 votes)
Enthused and confident
59% (169 votes)
Interested but concerned
16% (45 votes)
No way, no how
1% (3 votes)
Other (add comment)
2% (6 votes)
Total votes: 288


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Definitions for poll

The definitions for cyclist categories in this poll come from a study done by the Portland Office of Transportation on Four Types of Transportation Cyclist. If you want, you can read the full report with more detail in it.

Think carefully before replying. For example, "Stong and fearless" means you'll ride on any road in the city with any traffic.

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I think..

I think to clarify the first two categories can help decide.... to me, Strong and fearless is the rider who races or is a courier type. They are fit as it gets and not scared one bit. When youger I fit that. However, I'm older now, more reasonable and concerned about my surroundings however I'm not freaked out by no means. I wear a helmet and dont weave through traffic like a fearless cyclist. I use paths and sidewalks.

To me, that is how to discern the two. We each have our measuring sticks though.

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Strong and Fearless riders

Strong and Fearless riders can be law abiding and respectful of other road users. I consider myself to be all of these things (well almost all of the time anyway, I do have my moments).

Meaning just because I'm a fit rider who's not afraid of traffic, doesn't mean I'll weave my way through it.

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i'm a fat cyclist.

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There is a missing "class"

It is the "OMG, I gotta get to work" group, of which I am a member. Somewhere between strong & fearless and enthused & confident. Sometimes drunk (well at least on the way home!!).

Just using the bike as a great way to get from Point A to Point B.....