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Crow Bomb in video

Calgary's not cool enough to have a Zoo Bomb like Portland, Oregon does. But we've got a big hill, and a high-speed bridge over a river, so that's all the raw materials we need to make our own ride: the Crow Bomb over the Bow River on Crowchild Trail. At rush hour this roadway is virtually a parking lot, and rather benign to ride. But at mid-day, as in the video below, the traffic is moving at 60, 70 km/h or more, and it's a little more... engaging to ride it then. Check it out for yourself some time - just make sure you're on your game.
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Was gonna ask...

You using the looxcie? But then at the end I see Sean pull the GoPro off the noggin. I hate that head band... mine never really stays all that well.

Gotta love all that gravel there mucking things up for bikes and windshields. I wonder if the city has a handshake deal with the insurance companies to make more money from replacing windows. Grrrrr...

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Looxcie AND GoPro

Sean was using a GoPro Hero, while I was using a Looxcie Cam. His records in 720p or 1080p, while mine records in 480p, but you can't really tell the difference because YouTube dropped the resolution to 360p.

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Good One !!!

Glad you turned your head to look over the bridge when you went by the new LRT tracks!

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that was fun!

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Cyclepalooza Event?

Hey "ride"

You should organize a whole bunch of people to do the crowbomb during rush hour during cyclepalooza!

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Crow Bomb on the Solstice

(critninja, I was actually filling in the on-line form when you posted your suggestion. Enjoy!)

The afternoon of the solstice, as part of Cyclepalooza, we'll be doing the Crow Bomb at rush hour (when Crowchild Trail is basically a parking lot). We'll meet outside BikeBike and ride up to 26th Ave, the ideal spot to drop in to Crowchild Trail. After we cross the river and drop down to Memorial Drive, the ride is over and you can either join us in Kensington for a beer, continue on home, or head to Nose Hill to join in the Cyclepalooza Solstice event.

Just so we're clear, this is not an event organised by BikeBike, or BikeCalgary - it's just a bunch of cyclists going for a ride.

Are you in?

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That sounds like fun. If I

That sounds like fun.

If I remember it I'll try to show up. Are roadies wearing spandex allowed, or do I need to find some baggy clothing and bring my mountain bike to join in? :)

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In (i hope)!

If i can make it i will. I think it would be awesome to have a big pile of riders zipping past all the stuck traffic!

Maybe I'll wear a sign on my back saying "if you were riding your bike you'd be having fun with us!"


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"Riding a bike is a Pain in the Ass"

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Traffic won't be moving much,

Traffic won't be moving much, the bikes will be in the gutter passing them all. It should be fairly safe. It might make the motorist jealous, but I think that's the idea.

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cars are stopped, mostly

First, cycling is allowed on the Crowchild.

Second, during rush hour, traffic moves very slowly, not unlike 17 ave, or any street downtown.

How exactly would we be acting irresponsibly when we are legally allowed to be there and safety isn't a real issue?

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Thanks for the video!

It's encouraging - I sometimes work out of the old Children's Hospital, now the Richmond Road Diagnostic and Treatment Centre. Living just down Crowchild near the Foothills hospital, I often wonder how things would go. I've got bright lights, and I can go pretty fast - not 70km/h, mind you - but at 0700 when I get off shift, it just seems too risky. It really tightens up on the bridge, and the exit to westbound Memorial/Parkdale. Participating in the solstice/cyclepalooza Crow-bomb sure sounds good, though!

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Awesome video

That was a great video guys, watched it three times already. Just out of curiosity, how much space is there when the cars are in their standard "parked" rush hour mode? And was that still gravel on the road, or was it just wet?

Would seriously like to try this one day soon.

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its good

The narrowest section is over the bridge, however, the right-most lane is quite wide with 2-4 feet of room depending on vehicle lane position.

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Wow, 2 whole feet. No

Wow, 2 whole feet. No problem. I must say I wouldn't want to be there when traffic is moving, especially with all that gravel I saw.

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Just realized..

Just realized you were both on the fold ups. Funny.