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Roads with good shoulders just outside the city?

I have been looking for a good place to road ride, preferably without having to drive. 2 weekends ago I went looking north, but there are tiny shoulders. Anyone have any good recommendations, preferably any direction but south.



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good stuff

Not necessarily with shoulders, but the less busy a road the more likely people move over well.
View Good Cycling around Calgary in a larger map Most of the 22 has decent shoulders (north of about Cremona they're a lot smaller for a while). Burma Road is probably the busiest thing on this map and has only a tiny shoulder. I haven't been into Symon's Valley yet this summer, so the construction up there may have made it a lot shittier (or better!).
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Hey, thanks! I rode that

Hey, thanks! I rode that short blue section of Symons valley road you have highlited, but the road is not very smooth, old pavement. North of that was better. I will take a look at some of the other sections you have highlighted.

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it's been a while...

...since i've ridden very much out there, but range road 20 to 566 used to be a good one too if I recall correctly.

Where about do you live and how far are you looking to ride? Is a little gravel or dirt okay?

If you're close(ish) to Bearspaw that's some of the best "northwest of the city" riding, with lots of options for loops, small detours, etcetera. Even more options if you'll ride a few road-allowance trails or gravel...

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Google Street Views!

I find that now, there are Google Street Views available of most of the Township and Range Roads, as well as secondary highways. That's what I've been using to assess the shoulders and road conditions, and its been working out great! You can even get an idea of how busy the highways are by looking at how many vehicles are on the road, and of course, using some background knowledge.

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People seem fascinated with GSV... I've been waiting for a good application and this is it! Thanks.

Also Mike knows what he's talking about.

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Thanks for the GSV tip. I

Thanks for the GSV tip. I use it all the time, and just realized after I posted that I could use it to look at these roads!

Now if the forcasted rain would just vanish . . .