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July 4 - Helmets On At City Council

Hey Folks The recently released cycling strategy is going before council this coming Monday July 4th for a very important vote. During the LPT meeting last week it was very obvious that many councillours are concerned about there being funding available for the strategy in what appears to be a very tough upcoming budget.

Cycling infrastructure is by far the cheapest way to help move people around, so lets join together and, in a symbolic gesture, silently remind council that we want to see this council fund this strategy and not delay yet again.

Here is a link to the Facebook event listing -!/event.php?eid=119950581427132


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No FB...

For those of us who are not on Facebook, can you share details here?

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Glad you asked and glad I'm not the last soul w/o a Facebook account.

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Council meeting details

You're not on FB? The horror!

Anyway, the City Council (do a Twitter search for #yyccc) will meet on July 4th (normal starting time is 9:30) and will discuss and vote on the Cycle Strategy there. You can find the Agenda (available on-line later this week).

At this time we are asking all available cyclists to attend the Council meeting and wear your helmet to make yourself visible! Note that the public may not make presentations at this meeting but we want to be highly visible there.