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Folding bikes on all buses

As of July 1st, Calgary Transit will allow folding bikes (in a bag) on all Calgary Transit buses, and C-Trains, at all hours of the day and night. Full details are on the Calgary Transit website; the video below takes a light-hearted look at how the new system can operate for two hungry & thirsty cyclists.

This new measure comes after three years of negotiation with Calgary Transit by the BikeCalgary board. There is a recognition that the current Bikes on Buses program is not reliable (buses that are supposed to have racks frequently don't), nor does it provide a service that is useful to cyclists. Hence, this new service, in which every single bus is now bike-capable. True, you have to buy a folding bike, so the system won't help all riders, but say, you were looking for an excuse to buy another bike anyway, weren't you?

The ideal thing would be for every bus to have a bike rack, but Calgary Transit has a resistance to that, since the little extra length of the bike rack means fewer buses can fit in the heated bus barns. CT is currently considering a BikeCalgary proposal to just put racks on the BRT buses, No.3, and No. 72/73. Would this proposal help you? Let us know in the comments.

All of BikeCalgary's sponsors listed in the left sidebar carry folding bikes, so stop by one of those stores and check out the selection. Don't forget to buy a bag! (Any large bag will do - Ikea has some large bags for storing car tires in that might work).

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Great news on the folders - thanks for the efforts. I hope CT doesn't think they now can/should close the file on racks on all buses though.

How about racks on cross town routes that don't pass through the core - e.g. the 19 on the north end. Or that run through 'hubs' on either side of downtown - like the 4/5 passing through Kensington.

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bike racks on buses

BikeCalgary recently proposed that CT forget about the useless bus routes that currently have bike racks (when they feel like it), and instead focus on the fast, cross-town BRT routes, plus No. 3 and 72/73.

The main problem they have is that individual buses are not assigned to individual routes, and they move them around. The only buses that are assigned to routes are the BRT buses. So they could put racks on all BRT buses, and be sure of getting you a bus with a rack.

The other problem is that they like to jam as many buses as possible into the heated garages in the winter, and the racks make the buses longer, reducing the number of buses that can be kept warm.

Long-term solution: build more garages, and put the racks on all buses.

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Not all BRT's are BRT buses.

Not all BRT's are BRT buses. I have seen a lot of 305's (the BRT into Bowness) using the normal sized buses.

Now maybe they would get closer to full service, but I imagine there would still be problems.

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Keep the 20!

The 20 serves both Mount Royal U and the U of C. I'm actually thinking of using it, and I know of at least one person who's done the same.

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Yes there should be bike

Yes there should be bike racks on the BRT, there is no excuse for the BRT routes to not have bike racks, especially the 60ft buses since they are used almost exclusively for the BRT routes.