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SpeedPlay Light Action Pedals for road bike

Used one hour! Just not for me.

Black - Chrome-Moly pedal

Speedplay Light Action Pedal System provides the easiest and most intuitive entry and release functions ever offered in a clipless pedal.

15 DEGREE RANGE OF NON SPRING-RECENTERED FREE FLOAT: Free float without spring recentering tension allows feet to find their natural float range during the pedal stroke and eliminates knee strain.

I paid $230 for the pedals and covers.
Selling for $130.

Call 403-818-9731


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Have you used any other speedplays before? The riding on ice feeling goes away (or feels normal) after some time...

that said post tomorrow if you are really sure and I will call you... cleats included?

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No, just the MTB ones which I

No other Speedplay, just the MTB ones which I am used to with older cleats!

Sorry, it doesn't come with the cleats.

Call me if you are interested.